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There is such an air of expectancy- and a significant amount of anxiety- on the YouWriteOn website and message boards at the moment.

Is Publishing Your Book an Uphill Struggle?

Is Publishing Your Book an Uphill Struggle?



 Firstly, there was an announcement that writers will be being contacted next week (Between 9-12th December) with information about the publication of their books.

 Secondly, some books have already started to appear on Amazon- they cost £7.99, although I’m not sure what length they are. According to Ted Smith priority has been given to a number of writers who had managed to arrange book store signings. One has apparently also gained the attention of the national press.There is also a question of whether the books will be available from Amazon before Christmas.

 Thirdly, YouWriteOn is giving 10% of their profits to the ‘Sightsavers’ charity. (See: )

I have blogged before about authors associating their work with a charity:

  Not only does the charity benefit, but it also provides additional publicity, which provides more sales, which benefits the charity etc. etc. etc.



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