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It went something like this…


Kathleen, a colleague of mine in another area said that she wanted to buy my book, but didn’t know how to use Amazon, so I offered to order her a copy.

The day it arrived, I signed it, and asked another colleague, Barbara, to pass it on to Kathleen. 


I was in a multi-agency meeting  at a local day centre. I gave my report, then Kevin, the convenor, asked me if there was anything else. Gripped by the madness that overtakes you when you have a book to sell, I asked if I could steal thirty seconds of the meeting to mention my book, did my ‘Elevator Speach’ and gave out the cards that I keep in my wallet.

Kevin asked if I had any copies of Tasting the Wind with me, because he would gladly buy one.

At that point I thought of the motto: never leave the house without one…


Barbara told me that she had passed the book on to Kathleen, but before doing so had read the prologue.

And she was hooked- could she buy one?

It just so happened that after missing the opportunity the day before I had one in my bag.

I had made a sale.

I was pleased.

But somewhere, deep down, I wonder about my sanity…


And thanks to readers of the Chorley Citizen- since appearing in this week’s edition my Amazon rankings have soared. Please drop me a line or say hello if you see me around town.

The Press Release can be seen HERE.


 Well, it’s actually the Chorley Guardian, but I’ve been working on creating eye-catching headlines.

The best thing about this is that the picture used in this press release was taken by my 13 year old foster-son, and I’m really proud that he has had a photo published in a newspaper. I went to his school yesterday, and they had been looking at my page on Amazon- I’m thinking of employing him as my marketing manager.





 For some reason I’m having a problem making the scan legible, so here is the text:


 A Chorley author whose first novel  had still not appeared two months after the promised launch date is now celebrating.

When his book Tasting the Wind failed to appear at Christmas, Allan Mayer, 48, contacted his publisher YouWriteOn to find that difficulties with reproducing the book’s cover were jeopardising its publication.


‘I was really disappointed,’ said Allan, ‘as my wife and I had designed the cover ourselves. I was offered another one, but I wasn’t very impressed with it. It was also starting to get embarrassing, as people who had seen the Guardian article in December had started to go into W.H. Smiths only to be told that the book wasn’t on their system.’


In the meantime Allan, who is a manager for Brothers of Charity Services, began to submit articles to an online ‘collaborative fiction’ experiment called Greyling Bay.

‘I wasn’t too optimistic about getting my work accepted there,’ said the writer. ‘Many of the contributors are well established novelists with a string of published works.’


But in an upturn of fortunes, Allan received an e-mail saying that his work had been accepted- the same week that he found that Tasting the Wind had surfaced on the Amazon book selling site. And thanks to the painstaking work of YouWriteOn director, Edward Smith, the book now displays the original cover.


Tasting the Wind is  available on, and can be ordered from W.H. Smiths and Waterstone’s bookshops. 50% of the author’s royalties will be donated to Derian House Children’s Hospice.


For further details please visit


When writing a press release it is advisable to keep away from the subject of your book altogether. Talk about yourself, the troubles you have had in trying to get your work published. That way you will have more of a chance of getting press coverage- it’s how newspapers work.

This is the previous press release:


Does it Work?

Well, since my latest press release appeared my rankings on Amazon have shot up from 125,000 to 16,000, so thanks very much to readers of the Chorley Guardian- please let me know what you think, and if you see me round town say hello.

 Here are ideas and links that I have compiled and had sent to my blog over the last couple of months about how to promote your POD or small press published book. Each subject has been dealt with in greater detail on previous postings, but I thought it would be useful to bring them all together here.

So, let’s start at the beginning:

Plan your marketing strategy


(Be methodical: You might want to make a marketing pyramid like the one described in this post, and add the ideas below to it, crossing off each one as you achieve it.)

Work on having a positive mental attitude

Marketing your book will need perseverence- how about getting a confidence coach? I can recommend:


 Book promotion/ showcasing  sites




 6) Speaking appointments- local writers’ groups, round tables, etc.

 hints from published authors/ professionals


8)    (C.F.Jackson)








16) Contact local bookshops

 17) Make some promotional bookmarks- hand them out, leave them around.

Subscribe to Writers’ newsletters:



make an ‘audiobook’ on YouTube


21) Link up with a charity.

22)  Talk About it…  (without getting boring!) friends and acquaintances will buy your book and will sell more through word of mouth.

Read books on marketing

 (and follow their advice:)


24) Highly recommended by publishing professionals is Alison Baverstock’s ‘Marketing Your Book.’  (Used copies are currently available on Amazon at 44p plus p&p):

25)  Send a press release to local newspaper(s)

Put out an online press release 


27) Contact local radio stations

28) Write a blog


increase your blog hits




33) .

34)  Build a Website

35) email your friends

and get them to email theirs (Keep it with friends and friends of friends to avoid SPAM!)

 Talk about your book on social networking sites such as




and business networking sites such as:








Other online places:



48) College Allumni sites

49) Local community sites

 For an absolute treasure trove of online bookmarketing look at:



And remember:

Do Something every day…

Book marketing is for life, not just for Christmas.






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