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Just to update blogreaders on the Author Interview feature on my website

I am pleased to report that it is beginning to help new writers reach wider audiences, as evidenced by this e-mail which I received recently from Matt Arnold:

Allan, Of the books listed on your Author’s Interview page, This Time Around definitely seemed like something I’d enjoy. Ordered it on Amazon; just received it today and have begun reading it. It is clearly going to be a great read. Let J.P. Ledwon know that his listing on your website resulted in a book sale, and since I’m in the US he can now refer to himself as an ‘International Author’ if he has not been able to claim that mantle yet. regards….m

Take a look at it- you might find something new, or if you are an author you may wish to take part.


This is perhaps one of the frustrating periods in my book marketing campaign so far…

I am waiting for the next phase of marketing for Tasting the Wind to kick off. I’ve explored so many avenues with varying degrees of success. Of over four hundred books rerleased by my publisher I have been up as far as second place on Amazon, and have held first place on Book Depository (on and off) for some time.

Now I am waiting for reviews. This is one of those areas over which a writer has no control. I have been offered reviews in all sorts of places, sent off free copies, and as yet not one view has appeared. The problem mis that these editors will have their own priorities and schedules, and I will just have to waitpatiently until the reviewer has read Tasting the Wind, written the review, and submitted it to an editor who will have their own priorities.

So far I have made an appearance in the British Institute of Learning Disabilities ‘Current Awareness Service.’ I am waiting for reviews in a national periodical, a regional periodical, from an American academic, from an Australian periodical, a charity magazine, and from a high-ranking celebrity.

And all I can do is wait. These people have their own lives.

In the meantime, if you have read Tasting the Wind I would welcome your review on Amazon. So far there are six (5 on Amazon UK and one on only 2 of which are from people who know me, and I would be happy for you to read any of them (and maybe buy a copy if you haven’t already.)

As for the professional reviews- I’ll keep you posted.

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