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1: I’ve started up a ‘Tasting the Wind’ group on FaceBook
2: I got this from Ted at YouWriteOn…
Hi Allan
 This is to give you an update on the issue that the majority of our book titles are appearing as normal on leading bookseller sites such as Waterstones, but a number, including yours, have not being listed for display. This was due to a data input issue at Nielsens that they have resolved.

 How booksellers receive information is that Lightning Source, our printers, provide all the necessary information to Nielsens and Gardners  for each book published so that each book can appear on bookseller sites and be ordered through book stores. This is the basic info including ISBN, publisher, etc. Lightning Source assured us all this information was correct and sent information to us to verify which appeared all correct and in place. So we looked into this further with Nielsen and they report that for a number of titles there was a temporary blip in their Trade Data and that their Trade Data Team have fixed the problem to resolve this.

 Nielsen have reported to YouWriteOn that this was due to the omission of a publisher link in their trade data information for the affected titles. They report, “We manage this via a prefix mapping process. I believe that the titles that were missing the publisher link had a prefix which we had not mapped to the YouWrite publisher name. This has now been recitifed, and any new titles supplied by Lightning Source in their ONIX file to us for YouWrite titles with your prefix will automatically be given a YouWrite imprint name.”

 Nielsen’s have worked very hard to identify and rectify this issue.

 We are pleased this has now been resolved by Nielsen’s Trade Data team so that the affected books, including yours, can go forward to appear on the wide range of leading booksellers sites that our books appear on.

 Best wishes



3:I had already uploaded my cover to Amazon, as the page was looking sad with no image.

4:I’ve also sent in a synopsis now, so that people looking at the page can tell what ‘Tasting the Wind’ is about.

5: Submitted another press release to the local paper.


I’ve also been chasing up the copies I ordered a month ago from Legend Press. I wanted to send some of them out as review copies, so that side of the marketing campaign is on hold. I do know that from now on I will order from Amazon or Book Depository, as they do free delivery and I get royalties which aren’t swallowed up in postage.


Oh Well, you live and learn…


YouWriteOn have been coming in for some criticism recently about their lack of response to e-mails, amongst other things*.   People who have written to Legend Press seem to be having a bit more luck, so on Monday I sent the following e-mail to 


Just a quick enquiry re my book ‘Tasting the Wind’ by Allan Mayer. It is appearing on Amazon with someone else’s cover. I have heard that this gets sorted eventually, but the length is also wrong, so I am not sure if the ISBN is mine or not- can you shed any light? I could do with knowing, because I am soon to have a press release and need to know that people can buy my book through the link to Amazon, and not end up with someone else’s,

This morning I received the following reply:

 Hi Allan,

Thanks for your email. I have sent your query through to Edward at YWO, who deals with covers, who will look into it asap to clarify correct cover being displayed.
Best wishes,
I am inclined to think, however, that despite so many other things being blamed on Ted Smith, this may be more to do with Amazon’s processes. Other authors who did not publish through YWO have written to me to say that their books appeared at first with the wrong information attached.
Hopefully this will soon be remedied- it’s starting to get a little embarrassing when people who were told that the book would be available before Christmas are asking where it is.
*A masterful understatement, I know. For those ‘other things’ see the post for 3rd Feb on


Just a quickie to say that after posting this I e-mailed legend back and asked them when I would get payment details for my order of last week and, lo and behold, they arrived soon after.

Thanks to regular reader of this blog, author Waheed Rabbani, (otherwise known as ‘Wally’ from Ontario  ) for the following link to an NYT article from 27th January 2009:

This is interesting, in that it shows that you can get your sales into the thousands for books published through ‘non-traditional’ channels. If you take this together with the post from my last contributor, Jennifer Abel, a consistent picture is emerging. It is one in which authors of POD published/Self published/ Small Press Published books should neither delude themselves into thinking that they can reach as many readers as authors with the backing of big publishing houses, nor be pessimistic about their sales.

If you have produced a good piece of writing, if you believe in it, and if you are willing to put the time in to marketing it, your work need not be consigned to the eternal slushpile.

Find your target audience, learn about the different avenues of marketing, and do something every day.

At the same time I have received this:

The Confessions of a Semi-successful Author

Food for thought?

I’ve named this post in honour of Waheed Rabbani, the author of ‘Doctor Margaret’s Sea-Chest,’ a Historical novel about the Indian Mutiny (from the Indian point of view) because 1) he has been a great source of encouragement on these pages  2) I would love to see his look of surprise when he checks out my latest post and finds his name there! and 3) as I can’t advertise my book from here yet, I may aswell advertise his.

You can buy it here: . It looks fascinating.

Just a quickie to say- received this from YouWriteOn tonight:

Dear Allan,
We are pleased to inform you that your book is now ready to order from YouWriteOn and Legend Press. Your book has also entered book distribution channels and our books are already starting to appear on sites like Amazon. Please follow the ordering instructions below exactly so that we can process your order.


 To order copies of your book, email us, with your book title in your email header. In your email, include the following information:

 1)      Your Book Title again

2)      Your Name

3)      Your Delivery Address, including postcode

4)      Your telephone number, required for those who choose tracked orders

5)      How many books you wish to order

6)      Important Inform us of the email address which you plan to include in your Google checkout payment for your book order (link will follow your email). This is very important as we cannot tie up orders with book titles unless you specify the email address from which you will pay in your email to us

7)      Whether you would like standard delivery (Royal Mail) or tracked delivery – see below for further details. We can only inform you of delivery prices once you inform us how many copies you wish to order

 Package and Posting Terms of Delivery

 We will inform you of package and posting costs depending on the amount of copies you inform us you wish to order. For other countries, we will notify you of delivery costs and delivery times. The postage and handling charges are charged by our printers Lightning Source to us for delivery of your book. Lightning Source are one of the world’s largest print-on-demand companies. Note that Lightning Source do not replace any books that may go missing as a fault of Royal Mail delivery, so we cannot do so either. By placing an order with us you accept this as a condition of delivery. If you would like a tracked mail delivery through DHL (UK), please inform us in your order email above, and if it goes missing Lightning Source will resupply the order if they are satisfied the order was placed and went missing. We hope you enjoy your book!

 The YouWriteOn Staff and Legend Press Partnerships

This is slightly edited. For those of you who are interested in the financial side of things: the book sells at £8.99. With author discounts I will make just over £2.00 per copy (half of which goes to Derian House Children’s Hospice) but I have no idea yet what the P&P will be.




   Look very closely at these two book covers. Can you spot the subtle differences? (No prize if you can- if you can’t you win a ‘Specsavers’ voucher!)                                        

   Not 'Tasting the Wind'    Tasting the Wind as seen on Amazon


 Tasting the Wind  as seen on Waterstone’s

When I found that Tasting the Wind had appeared on Amazon- if only in name- I clicked on a link to e-mail me when it was available… 

Today I received that e-mail, but nothing seems to have changed on the site. The cover is still that of a book called My Brother’s Keepers, which the info says is 408 pages long, whereas mine is 364. Wally, a YouWriteOn author from Canada has added a note of caution for anyone else who is at this stage. Quite understandably,  he had started to circulate information about his book, only to find that the ISBN was not his.  So I am doing no ordering or promoting until the correct information has appeared.

Thanks to Paul Ekert, who sent me the following link: Bookbutler . This shows all of the places where Tasting the Wind is becoming available. There are a range of delivery times and prices, although I don’t know yet if these relate to my book or the other one. Some of the suppliers have actually started to show the cover- here, for instance:  Tasting the Wind on the Waterstone’s site.


I also received this information in my comments from Leela Soma:

 Re sending review copies( Iam being asked that ) it is very costly. I ordered 20 copies from YWO and my book which is priced at £ 6.99 I got copies for £5.59 plus postage of £7.50 which effectively made it £ 6.00 a copy . So maybe you need to order at least 100 to get a decent discount. Also Im having big problems re my local bookshop etc wanting to stock them but discount offered is not enough for them to make it worthwhile, sale or return for POD ’s is also a problem. On the bright side my local council and Library are making an event of my book on World book day and giving me a slot and advert etc locally.

Although I don’t believe that YouWriteOn have  let writers down- the possibility of books not being published by Christmas was clear in the original contract- it can’t be ignored that there is a lot of disgruntlement.  Looking at my blog stats this weekend the search engine terms which brought people there included: ‘YouWriteOn scam’ and ‘fed up of YouWriteOn.’

Some people are getting very frustrated out there. Hopefully all of the YouWriteOn books will soon be ready, however many there are.

And as there are still less than 300 available through online booksellers, it is clearly going to be nowhere near  5000.


The title of yesterday’s post ‘sighting’ was quite appropriate, as today I have had a sighting of Ted Smith from YouWriteOn, back from his Christmas hols and working Sunday mornings. Ted E-mailed me a short time ago:

Hi Allan
A very happy New Year to you. I’ve sent a chase up to Lightning Source for your book which has been showing as in premedia status there (the first processing stage) for a little beyond the processing time since the revision cover was sent. I’ve found Lightning Source are very good overall though and have been impressed with their service, they print 14 million books per year.
I will update you as soon as I hear further.
best wishes
So things are looking up. In the absence of message boards at YWO I have e-mailed Ted back asking when they will be back up, and have asked if YWO will be providing any form of marketing such as a showcase or press release. 
I’ll keep you posted. 

I received an e-mail from my publisher, YouWriteOn today, finally putting me in the picture about when ‘Tasting the Wind’ will be published.

Apparently my choice of image has created resolution problems. They have been working on this, but seem unable to get round it. I have been given a choice of several other covers, which will mean that the book should be available in the first or second week of January.

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