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Life is  mixed genre. It doesn’t come with a neat label such as ‘Thriller’ or ‘comedy.’  That’s why I enjoy the writing of Dean Koontz. That’s why I write like I do… and that’s my excuse for allowing my blog to take a completely new direction fom time to time.

I’m spending a lot of time finding different ways to promote my book at the moment, which is a complete departure from what I usually do at this time of the year.  I normally spend December dressing up as a lady… so there you have it, the confession.

It’s been interesting to see the number of hits recently on a post I did entitled ‘Coming out.’ I’m pretty sure that these are actually from people who know me. (They’ll be disappointed when they see what it’s really about.)

 But yes, I have from time to time dressed as a lady… or a pirate captain, or a giant fly, amongst other things.

For the last nine years, I have appeared in the local panto, usually as the baddie. There’s nothing like the response you get from a pantomime audience, and the buzz you get from the laughs and boos is unbeatable.

But allow me to let the pictures do some of the talking:

bigsleeping4_jpgJanuary 2000. Sleeping Beauty. My first panto. Because of the year it wasn’t a witch but the MILLENNIUM BUG. My left hand is actually holding onto a crutch, as I had dislocated my knee cap at a work’s party the week before we opened.  It was painful, but very good for publicity.

 December 2000:
Frankenstein the Panto- Dracula
No pictures for this unfortunately. I was a whimpy Dracula, who was overpowered by pepppermint. Being quite bald I had the Bela Lugosi hairdo painted on- and it took about an hour to get off every night.

December 2001- Arabian Nights- Onion Bajhi

bigarabianknights9_jpgToady to the emperor Saladin. I had the fewest lines ever in this one… to start with. The beauty of Panto is that you can expand and play with it. One night I looked up just in time to see the lighting guy throwing his script away in disgust.
December 2002- Snow White and the Seven Dwarves- Herman the Huntsman, another small part- well I could hardly be a dwarf, could I?



December 2003- Cinderella- Ugly Sister, Kylie Hardup





 The double chin is a clever use of prosthetics… (Oh no it isn’t!)





 WARNING: I’m about to blow my own trumpet… One of the highlights of my theatrical career. Professional comedian Johnny Casson rivington-barn-bavarian-night-2004-0101came to see this, and afterwards phoned the writer, Hilary O’Neill, from the bar, and compared my performance to Music Hall legend, Norman Evans. My head was even bigger than it looks in the photo above.


December 2004- Aladdin- Abanazzer



This part is panto baddie heaven. 

 Record  Breaking Performance:  Thirty seconds between me walking on and first child being carried out of theatre.

December 2005 Babes in the Wood- Sherrif of Nottingham



                                                                                                                                                         For this one I was given the NODA award for ‘Best mortal in a Panto.’noda-awards-aug-2006-014


December 2006- Jack and the Beanstalk- Poison Ivan


Due to my success as dame in Cinderella I was originally offered the chance to play the part of ‘Poison Ivy’- a panto villain in drag. But the director thought better of it, so I introduced the line:

               ‘My name is Poison Ivan

                Don’t laugh, it’s not a joke,

               It should have been Poison Ivy…

                But they had to use a bloke…’


December 2007- Dick Whittington- Captain Slog.


My ninth and last panto. By this time the muse had left me. I had also been taking part in confidence coaching and foster-care training. Both of these helped me to look at my life: what was useful to me, what was not; which social networks were supportive and nurturing. So I said goodbye to panto and acting (Oh yes I did. )

It was fun while it lasted, but for now… it’s behind me.

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