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Although I am still waiting for the copies of my book that I ordered from the publisher, a box of ten arrived from Book Depository at the weekend. So now I have them, what am I doing with them?

This seems to be falling into clearly defined categories:

1) Gifts copies

I have written in and given copies to members of my family, and have put one aside for Peter who designed and runs my website. (What do you mean ‘cheapskate’- I’m talking about a signed first edition here!)

2) Technophobe copies

This may come as a shock to you, using the internet as you do, but  you will have among your friends and acquaintances some people who do not know how to buy from Amazon, and don’t want to wait the upto four weeks for W.H. Smiths to get hold of it. So I have sold a couple of copies this way.

3) Review Copies

Now although I come from Stoke-on-Trent and live in Lancashire, I must have a spot of Yorkshireman in me somewhere because parcelling up a book and sending it, free of charge, to a total stranger was not an easy thing to do. But you have to speculate to accumulate, because the generation of interest from one positive review should make the sacrifice more than worthwhile. I have sent a review copy to ‘Lancashire Life’ Magazine. When I spoke to the editor he was happy with the fact that although Tasting the Wind is not on a Lancashire theme, the fact that sales will help a Lancashire charity would qualify it for their interest.

4) Shop Copies

I say ‘shop’ rather than ‘bookshop’ because there is no reason why your book can’t be sold from any  venue- particularly if it is thematically linked. I spoke to the manager of my local W.H. Smiths the other day, who informed me that she has a budget for local authors- but that at the moment it is overspent. I’ll be going back there later in the year, but for now will be approaching the shop belonging to the charity which I support.

5) Cheeky copies

I call them that because I have noticed a tendency in myself recently (brought on by an obsessive compulsion to market my book) to be a little… cheekier than usual.

I can best describe this in an anecdote of my week so far….

Which I will tell in my next blog.


Earlier this year I phoned the fundraising department of a local children’s hospice, ‘Derian House,’ and told them that I was an author seeking a publisher, and once my book was published I would like to give them a proportion of my royalties. They were very interested, and asked me to call back when I was about to be published.

So today I phoned back.

Now I’m not doing this because I’m particularly nice… OK, I am nice, and would like to think that I had contributed something to the kids at Derian… but linking up with a charity can be mutually beneficial for both the charity and the author.

If you are being published by anything but a major press, then you need exposure from as many angles as you can find. Do you support a charity? Has something touched your life which would naturally lead you to one?

All you need to do is phone their fundraising department and offer a proportion of the earnngs from your book. Don’t think of this as being in any way cynical- the charity will gain funds, and you will increase circulation at the same time as having on side someone whose job it is to market and promote a cause. The charity may even have a shop where you could sell copies. Explain to the fundraiser that you are publishing through a small press, and that sales depend solely upon the marketing that you -hopefully with their help- can achieve.

As a result of my phone call there will be an  article about me and ‘Tasting the Wind’ in the next Dderianhouse_logoerian House  magazine. They will also be contacting a local newspaper.

So- more funds for the charity, free advertising, increased exposure and a slice of ‘feel good’ factor for you (not to mention that it makes you that little bit more interesting to the newspapers.)

It’s a win-win situation…

and you won’t come across many of those!

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