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                                        From LynnGrocott- Author of ‘Cut the Strings.’  

   Cut the Strings was  published by

They worked on the principle of publishing and setting up my website  and then taking one third of the royalities of each sale. This worked well for me as there was no money in the pot for publishing and allowed someone who had always wanted to write their own story.
In terms of promotion, it was done through local press, emails to databases of contacts and depending on their goodwill to support me. I held a book signing in a local bookstore and also held my own book launch raising money for a well needed mother and baby unit in Cameroon.
I now sell books at the back of the room when I do a speaking gig. I have asked schools to stock books in their libaries. I approached as many forum sites as possible where individuals would be looking for help to overcome challenge.

 Cut the Strings’ was originally written in the hope that it would help other people to face challengcut-the-stringse and adversity with the knowledge that they CAN get through things. Not only can they get through things it is possible to make a decision to get through and come out the other side stronger and more determined than ever.
It has not been written with an intention of gaining sympathy nor to get any negative emotion stirred. It was written to motivate individuals into action. Since writing this outcome has become even more important. I have noticed that once we decide to achieve, we do so more easily if we keep our fingers on the pulse, keep our determination and motivation.
Notice a photograph is developed in the dark and out of the negative comes a beautiful image. This is the same lynn Grocottas us going through any challenge. We do grow, we do get stronger.
So how did I get through this? It was by stepping out of comfort zone and growing in confidence. I am leaving you with ten top tips to achieve with confidence

Ten top Tips to Achieving with Confidence
1) Always ask good “what if “ questions
    Such as “what if it is much easier than I thought?”
2) Overcoming is much healthier for you than overwhelming.
    The next challenge will seem much easier. You will see how
    strong and resourceful you are as you overcome challenges.
3) Wishing things were different doesn’t work.
     Action does.
4) Inspirational action becomes a magnet to draw inspirational people
    into your life. The more you help yourself  the more help you’ll receive
5) Determination is a key factor in any challenging situation.
6) Explore every opportunity, the most challenging circumstances
    hold a gift for you.
7) Control all that can be controlled.
     Influence all that can be influenced and
     Stop worrying about that which is beyond your control.
     You’ll deal with challenges as they occur.
8) Independence does not mean you have to be alone.
9) Don’t be afraid to fail but make sure you hop right back into action.
    It’s not over until it’s over.
10) Embrace challenge. You are going to become
      stronger and even more resourceful as a result.

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PREVIOUSLY ON ‘ONE WAY OR AN AUTHOR…’Allan is having a lousy year, when suddenly he receives a message: ‘Can We Join Forces.’


I wrote back. It turned out that Lynn Grocott was someone I had known quite well through both school and church, but hadn’t seen for over thirty years.

Lynn had written a book called ‘Cut the Strings.’ I was shocked to discover that it was about, amongst other things, the horrific abuse she suffered as a child. I was shocked because I remembered this bright, happy go lucky girl in her early teens, and never suspected that her tears at the end of Church camp were not only because a good time was ending, but because she now had to return to a house of horrors.

I thought that writing my book and trying to get it published had been a difficult task. Lynn’s apprenticeship as an author had been a life of suffering.

But that wasn’t her only reason for writing. Despite all of the cards being stacked against her (her parents committed suicide, she contracted MS,) she is now one of the most positive and life-affirming people you could ever meet.

Lynn’s life was turned around through confidence coaching. Now I have always maintained a fair share of cynicism regarding this sort of system, but I was suddenly confronted by someone I knew, someone who had been through so much, but who was positive, hopeful, and could still experience joy in abundance.

We started to exchange regular emails, catching up and reminiscing about our shared background. For weeks I either forgot to mention that I had written a novel, or when I did think to say I felt guilty that I had originally accepted the contact because I thought it might further my ambitions.

Then came the day that I did mention it, and Lynn asked if she could be of any help. From that point my approach to getting my novel out there has taken me in so many new and interesting directions. These will be the subject of my next blogs.

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2007 was an annus horribilis…

Things just seemed to go wrong. I actually put a blog on my MySpace page entitled ‘Victor Meldrew Week,’ because of the number of times in one week I said the words ‘I don’t believe it!’

People I cared for died. I was in a car accident which wrote off my car and left me with whiplash. My wife had to leave her Primary School Headship due to ill health. My hobby of amateur dramatics had for one reason or another stopped being fun, and I seemed to be getting nowhere in my quest to publish ‘Tasting the Wind.’

I felt a need to make changes, to regenerate, but didn’t know where the energy to do so was going to come from. I haven’t mentioned yet a sad fact about my life which is my obsession with the T.V. programme Dr. Who. I find the idea of regeneration fascinating, and think of it as a modern myth representing the changes that we all need to make at points in our lives in order not just to stay alive but to really live.

The other thing I haven’t mentioned is that some years ago I was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder. I don’t know if it was anything to do with the fact that the Summer of that year had failed to happen, but when it got to October my SAD symptoms kicked in with a vengeance- tiredness, low mood, anxiety. It’s like watching twenty four hour reruns of ‘Eastenders.’

It was sometime in November when I was checking my emails that I found that someone had sent me a message through MySpace.

It was entitled ‘Can we join forces?’

The message claimed to be from someone called Lynn, who went to the same school as me, and now wanted to be my friend on MySpace. l wasn’t in the mood for making friends with anyone. I remembered David Tennant’s Doctor, grieving after leaving Rose in a parallel universe, (non-afficianados please bear with me) then suddenly finding that there was a strange mad woman in his Tardis.

That’s all I need- a stalker.

I popped downstairs to refill my glass, and mentioned the message to my wife. She suggested it might be someone after money.

Of course! The profile mentioned fundraising.

Then I saw it. This lynn was not only a fundraiser, she was a public speaker. And not only that. She was an author. A published one. Someone who had been published was trying to contact me…

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