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This time last year we had a litter of  NINE baby rabbits. As it was Easter, I had the bright idea of trying to get them to pose for a greetings card…

Who, me?


Yes, so if you’d just like to get into the…


Keep still, you’re making the picture go all…


 Now don’t be shy, people want to see your face.easter-bunnies-004

  Now you’re just being silly.


 No, not that way!easter-bunnies-002

All right, I’ll go this way.


I’ve had enough of this!


 I’d rather be in the garden…


Would you come back for a carrot?




how’s this?easter-bunnies-003




   … to all of my blog readers.


It has just occurred to me that there haven’t been any bunny pics on here for a while…

We have just celebrated Brandy’s first birthday. She was born in a litter of nine. All survived, and here are some pics of their first few weeks:







And… an amusing but true baby bunny related story:

Rabbit owner:   Hello, is that Shadwell’s pet store?

Pet store owner:  Yes, how can I help you?

Rabbit owner:  I have a litter of six rabbits and nobody wants them. Could you take them off my hands?

Pet store owner:  Where do you buy your rabbit food?

Rabbit owner: Tesco.

Pet store owner:  Then take them to ****** Tesco…’

Moral:  Support you local petshop… or else!


It must be getting to me: the waiting, the constant search for new marketing ideas, the doubts about the quality of POD published books on some of the other blogs.

Last night I had a dream that my book had arrived. It had cost me about £20. The publisher (YWO) had not used my book cover but some insipid torquoise creation, and pages were falling out.

Even worse than that: the title had been changed. Instead of ‘Tasting the Wind’ it was now ‘Tasting the Christmas Carols.’ (OK you Freudians out there, if it had been ‘Tasting the Christmas Parsnips’ fair enough, but ‘Christmas Carols?’)

 But there was still worse to come: When I looked at the back cover I soon realised that it was someone else’s front cover, and that they had bound two books together…

I woke up in a sweat. So I’m taking a day off the usual subject, and today will mainly be blogging about…

                                                                      CUDDLY BUNNIES…



Now if Dean Koontz can write books in the name of his dog, I’m sure I can take time out to tell you about my furry friends.

Unfortunately Tilly (front right) and Snowy (back right) are no longer with us. To my great disappointment neither of them has yet done a Trixie Koontz and written a novel from beyond the grave. (OK, if you don’t believe me check it out at: )

The little one, smudge, is now eighteen months old and has already fathered twenty little smudges- most of them with the nose markings which gave him his name. We decided to draw the line at twenty- or rather the vet did- a sharp line in a very tender place. Since then, Smudge seems to have lost his competitive edge when it comes to priority at the food bowl, but he seems happy enough.

Fact is, when we bought smudge we were told he was a girl. We had bought her/him to provide a friend for snowy when our first rabbit, Bonnie, died from a tumour. Then Snowy went the same way.

One day I looked into the hutch. Smudge was lying on ‘her’ side, and I was shocked at what I saw. Surely we weren’t going to lose a third rabbit to a tumour in such a short time. Then I looked closer, the cogs in my brain began to turn, and I realised that a long fleshy object between a rabbit’s hind legs is not necessarily a tumour.

Next thing, Tilly was pregnant. Unfortunately she died giving birth, and left two babies. The success rate of hand-rearing is miniscule. We tried, but they only lasted a week.

We missed having Tilly in the house, as she was one of the most ‘spirited’ rabbits we had ever known. The house is ‘rabbit proofed’ but one day when Tilly was in the kitchen we heard a large crash. Tilly had jumped onto a chair, from the chair to the table then onto the top of the hutch- where the treats were kept. We got to the kitchen to see a guilty looking Tilly scampering across the table, and a very happy Snowy helping herself to the contents of a packet of bunny-chocs which were scattered across the kitchen floor.

Keeping a succession of house rabbits has taught me that each one has its own distinctive character. We now have Smudge, Dusty, and their baby, Brandy. Each one is  totally unique in character, but as yet not one of them has demonstrated a talent for novel writing.

I live in hope.

I’ve been submitting to ezine articles on the subject of writing and publishing, and have gained a modest readership. I decided that I would also add an article about house rabbits. It went straight in at the top as my most read article. Could it be that articles and blogs about writing are reaching saturation point, whereas there is a niche market for advice on rabbits?

In that case, here is a photo of two cuddly bunnies who used to share my home….

                                       Tilly and Snowy

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