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Ever thought about promoting your book in a virtual world?

I didn’t know it was possible until last weekend when I came across Second Life (SL).

SL is easy to access and to load, although I’m sure that some of the more advanced options will take time to learn. All you have to do is register, choose an identity, and you can guide him or her (or ‘it’ in the case of some of the avatars I’ve seen on there) around a vast 3-dimensional world.

SL has locations to cater for every taste. Yes, there is an adult area, although I won’t be venturing there. I think you would have to be of a particular mindset to get sexual kicks in this way. Although not everyone agrees: when my character fell, Mr. Bean-like, out of the SL sky, one of the newbies was being asked by another for a ****.  I suggested that if she did she might pick up a virus…

But on to higher things. If you type ‘books’ into the search function you are presented with a whole menu of virtual places on the subject. I went immediately to ‘Book Publishing Island.’

There is a virtual town there, made up of nothing but bookshops. I was in Heaven.

Of course it wasn’t as simple as that. When I arrived I immediately got caught behind some billboards. I could see rows and rows of bookshops, but couldn’t get to them. I tried the ‘fly’ option, but couldn’t get out, so as it was Saturday night, a night when the brain is traditionally clouded, I gave up and logged off.

When I logged on again a couple of nights later my character was still stuck! Then I had the obvious idea of calling up the menu again and teleporting out and back again- which worked. My virtual imprisonment was over.

I would recommend a visit to SL- I’ve still got a load of places to check out, and I’m sure it has great potential as an online social tool. It is also free, but you can buy SL currency to spend on things like hiring or building ‘properties.’

But it did leave me with one question around my particular interest in the site: I was checking it out as a book marketing tool. Does anyone go on there to buy books?

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has either bought or promoted on there. In the meantime, why not pay it a visit at:



I’ve noticed an increase over the last few days in the number of links clicked on the site, so here are some more sites about promoting your book. I haven’t had a chance to check  them all out, but have asterisked those that look most useful. If you find any of the sites useful, please let me know through comments.












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16)  *****



19) *****

 20)  *****





25)  *****









34) *****










44)  *****








People have been asking if they should be concerned they have heard nothing yet from YWO. I’m tending to think that this can only mean that everything is in order, and that they will next be contacted once their books are published.

I, on the other hand, must by now be in a file at YWO marked ‘High Maintenance Contributors.’

Firstly, my document had changed in transferring from my computer to theirs, so that my prologue began on an even page. To remedy this I was asked to send it in again on PDF.

A couple of days ago I received an email saying that they hadn’t received my back cover blurb. I knew that I’d sent it, so the same gremlins that mixed my pages up had run off, cackling, with a whole file.

At the same time I read a very good review of ‘Tasting the Wind’ from a YWO member, who spotted a grammatical error. Now I’ve always thought that the grammer wot I ‘ave got to be quite good, and that of many of my proof readers even better. But there it was, and it had escaped us all. And not only was it very basic, it was right at the beginning. And not only was it at the very beginning, but it was in a rhyme which was repeated by a major character at various points throughout the entire length of the book.

I would be getting my new baby in December, and even if others commented favourably I would be aware of nothing but the blemish.

So I emailed YWO, explaining what had happened and attaching a corrected copy.

 I was very surprised the next day to receive an email saying that my new PDF had been passed on to Legend Press. This is very reassuring, in light of the fact that the contract said that there would be no correspondence.

I am now back to looking forward to the arrival- and I vow not to look at it again before it’s in print.

Then again I don’t need to, because now it’s absolutely perfect…

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