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Just as a matter of Interest…

I’ve recently been corresponding with an Australian reader of  Tasting the Wind, who has generously offered to write a review for a periodical which she edits.

She clearly enjoyed reading the book, but was disappointed with one of the twists about 3/4 into the book, which she feels changes the whole nature of the piece, and has wondered how to present this in her review.

The twist is that a character who appears to have a profound learning disability turns out to be not quite what he seems. As the reviewer writes for a periodical which specialises in profound learning disability, she felt that Tasting the Wind was no longer about that subject but, eager to write a review, asked for my advice on how she could get round that problem.

The fact that I am revealing this information here indicates that to my mind that the ‘spoiler’ does not give enough away to ruin the reader’s enjoyment of the book, and in no way does it give a clue to the eventual outcome. The denouement has in fact come as a shock to all who have read it, although its seeds are scattered throughout.

I did admit in my correspondence that although I had set out to present a person with a profound disability in a major role I may have sacrificed this to the thriller form- but this does not take away from the fact that several characters have severe/profound disabilities and the lead character without a disability comes to value them despite his preconceptions.

So hopefully this has not told you too much if you are half way through!

I would still welcome reviews- I believe in the message of ‘Tasting the Wind’ and want to get it out to as many people as possible. Please put a review on Amazon, or if you write for a periodical please contact me (with evidence that you can publish a review!) and I will gladly send you a review copy.


This is perhaps one of the frustrating periods in my book marketing campaign so far…

I am waiting for the next phase of marketing for Tasting the Wind to kick off. I’ve explored so many avenues with varying degrees of success. Of over four hundred books rerleased by my publisher I have been up as far as second place on Amazon, and have held first place on Book Depository (on and off) for some time.

Now I am waiting for reviews. This is one of those areas over which a writer has no control. I have been offered reviews in all sorts of places, sent off free copies, and as yet not one view has appeared. The problem mis that these editors will have their own priorities and schedules, and I will just have to waitpatiently until the reviewer has read Tasting the Wind, written the review, and submitted it to an editor who will have their own priorities.

So far I have made an appearance in the British Institute of Learning Disabilities ‘Current Awareness Service.’ I am waiting for reviews in a national periodical, a regional periodical, from an American academic, from an Australian periodical, a charity magazine, and from a high-ranking celebrity.

And all I can do is wait. These people have their own lives.

In the meantime, if you have read Tasting the Wind I would welcome your review on Amazon. So far there are six (5 on Amazon UK and one on only 2 of which are from people who know me, and I would be happy for you to read any of them (and maybe buy a copy if you haven’t already.)

As for the professional reviews- I’ll keep you posted.

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