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I have been getting some very interesting comments recently through this blog. Take this one, for instance, from C.F. Jackson regarding my post on bookmarks:

 Great idea! Many authors get lost in doing those things that they can’t do and control. As a published author you’re now an entrepreneur who has to be in the mindset to “Always Be Marketing”.

 Whatever it is… let them know about you, your book, and how to find you.


Continue to make it happen! 
Won’t Be Denied,
C.F. Jackson.
So I replied:

Thank you so much C.F. Jackson for your encouraging remarks- my thoughts exactly. I wonder if you would like to contribute to my series: Tips from published authors. I am particularly interested in short articles on marketing from authors who have not gone down the ‘conventional’ path.

Best Wishes,

C.F. wrote back:
 Hey Allan,


 It’s my pleasure! I really enjoyed the insight you’re offering in a light and colorful way. I hope authors take the time to open up and do something new and different. I would love to add to your series. That would be awesome! ;o) Tell me what you’d like for me to do and we’ll help our fellow authors and writers succeed.

Thank you for the extraordinary offer…
I really do appreciate it.


Continue to have a great week!

 So I said:

Hi CF-

(Do you get called CF, or is there a name?) thanks very much for agreeing to contribute to my blog. My aim is to make it as varied as possible, so I’m asking for as many ideas on marketing as possible- particularly ones that have been found to work.
Have a look at the four ‘Tips from Published Authors’ posts on my blog. Send me something which says a bit about yourself and what you do, with a picture and picture of a book cover if that is appropriate. I’ll put it out with links to you.


 I particularly liked what you said about being an entrepreneur now- it hasn’t been quite put that way yet, but it is so true.


 My book is being published next week, so it will be all systems go. Thanks again for your encouragement- writing can be lonely, but I’m finding a big supportive network out there,


 Look forward to hearing from you,




Hey Allan,
It’s my pleasure! Many of my subscribers never thought about being an author as being a business or being an entrepreneur.


My desire is to open their minds to the bigger picture of being an author and all the benefits to creating a business.
Allan, I’ll be attending a 3 day conference on marketing online this weekend. I will be gathering some great content however you’re welcome to post any of the content on my site. I’ll provide you with each item you request early in the coming week. Yes, C.F. Jackson is the name I go by as an author and in business. One of the key things I learned is to ensure and keep everything easy to remember. ;o)


 I wish you much success with your book launch in the coming days and week. You have a topic that must be heard.
May I share a book marketing video series to you?  
Continue to have an awesome Friday!
 Live Life to Leave a Difference,
C.F. Jackson

P.S. Sign Up For Your Free Website
Makeover Workshop eCourse..




By this time it occurred to me that I was in touch with someone who really knew what she was talking about-

thank you so much for your generous offer and for sharing your gift with me. I’ve been listening to your ‘How to Market your book on the internet’ series- there are a whole bunch of new writers publishing POD books through YouWriteOn over the next couple of weeks who would find great value in these. Is it possible for me to share these through my blog/website- either the series, or if I could use the intro I could then point them to your site. I will also add a recommendation to the YWO message boards.

 Hope you are having a good conference,best Wishes,

C.F. replied:



Hope your week is going well. Today, I’m back on track after a 3 day weekend of seminars. Thank you for watching the video series and finding value in them and desiring to share them with other authors and writers. I would appreciate the sharing of the video with your community and with the YouWriteOn community.

I’ve attached the embed code for the first video that you can post into your blog posting for your site. Should you have any questions or any thoughts please feel free to ask.


So I set about embedding the video into this post, only to find that WordPress doesn’t support this. But never mind: what I will do is direct you to C.F. Jackson’s site, where there are all sorts of things for people wanting to promote their work, such as the How to Market your book on the internet.


 Go to:

 …but once you’ve been there, please don’t forget my humble little blog!


 C.F. Jackson is a website makeover trainer and a fellow author. She helps authors who are non techie / non web designers just like you understand and better utilize book excerpts, subscriptions forms, book reviews and videos on websites, to capture more subscribers, readers, and sells. She has helped many authors generate more sells and subscribers. With Website Makeover Workshop, you can more effectively sell online by learning how to market your book online by creating a website with a purpose. The question is this: What if everything you believed about your website was wrong?


 Won’t Be Denied,
C.F.  Jackson






The free site for self publishers


Today I noticed a referral to my blog from a new source: . Robert Kimber, self-published author of  Longlight and Call Monkeys has provided self-published and POD published authors with another way of promoting and selling their books.

This came out of a conversation between Robert and Gwenda, otherwise known as ‘Dogeared’ and ‘PinkFox’ on the YWO messageboards. If you have a book to sell, just click on the link above for more details.




It must be getting to me: the waiting, the constant search for new marketing ideas, the doubts about the quality of POD published books on some of the other blogs.

Last night I had a dream that my book had arrived. It had cost me about £20. The publisher (YWO) had not used my book cover but some insipid torquoise creation, and pages were falling out.

Even worse than that: the title had been changed. Instead of ‘Tasting the Wind’ it was now ‘Tasting the Christmas Carols.’ (OK you Freudians out there, if it had been ‘Tasting the Christmas Parsnips’ fair enough, but ‘Christmas Carols?’)

 But there was still worse to come: When I looked at the back cover I soon realised that it was someone else’s front cover, and that they had bound two books together…

I woke up in a sweat. So I’m taking a day off the usual subject, and today will mainly be blogging about…

                                                                      CUDDLY BUNNIES…



Now if Dean Koontz can write books in the name of his dog, I’m sure I can take time out to tell you about my furry friends.

Unfortunately Tilly (front right) and Snowy (back right) are no longer with us. To my great disappointment neither of them has yet done a Trixie Koontz and written a novel from beyond the grave. (OK, if you don’t believe me check it out at: )

The little one, smudge, is now eighteen months old and has already fathered twenty little smudges- most of them with the nose markings which gave him his name. We decided to draw the line at twenty- or rather the vet did- a sharp line in a very tender place. Since then, Smudge seems to have lost his competitive edge when it comes to priority at the food bowl, but he seems happy enough.

Fact is, when we bought smudge we were told he was a girl. We had bought her/him to provide a friend for snowy when our first rabbit, Bonnie, died from a tumour. Then Snowy went the same way.

One day I looked into the hutch. Smudge was lying on ‘her’ side, and I was shocked at what I saw. Surely we weren’t going to lose a third rabbit to a tumour in such a short time. Then I looked closer, the cogs in my brain began to turn, and I realised that a long fleshy object between a rabbit’s hind legs is not necessarily a tumour.

Next thing, Tilly was pregnant. Unfortunately she died giving birth, and left two babies. The success rate of hand-rearing is miniscule. We tried, but they only lasted a week.

We missed having Tilly in the house, as she was one of the most ‘spirited’ rabbits we had ever known. The house is ‘rabbit proofed’ but one day when Tilly was in the kitchen we heard a large crash. Tilly had jumped onto a chair, from the chair to the table then onto the top of the hutch- where the treats were kept. We got to the kitchen to see a guilty looking Tilly scampering across the table, and a very happy Snowy helping herself to the contents of a packet of bunny-chocs which were scattered across the kitchen floor.

Keeping a succession of house rabbits has taught me that each one has its own distinctive character. We now have Smudge, Dusty, and their baby, Brandy. Each one is  totally unique in character, but as yet not one of them has demonstrated a talent for novel writing.

I live in hope.

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