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A Blog about how I wrote my novel ‘Tasting the Wind’ and my Cyberspace adventures into publishing…
You can hear the first part of ‘Tasting the Wind’ at .


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Hi Allen, can you email me please? I wanted to ask your advice on the charity link up you are doing.



Hi Allan,
I just came across your comment on the Writer Magazine site about do-it-yourself publishing. I’ve had great luck self publishing the old fashioned way using a local printing company. They provided excellent service, allowed me to print as many draft copies as I needed, and the final result looks great and is starting to sell. The book is called Media Tips for Authors: How to get Free Publicity for Your Book, and I wanted to contact you to see if you’d be interested in receiving a review’s copy and would be willing to share your feedback about it on your site. If so, feel free to email me with your mailing address and I’ll send a hardcopy to you. Thanks for a wonderful blog and for keeping the indie writing spirit alive! -Whitney Keyes

I love your site!

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