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Let’s Hear it for the Boys

Posted on: July 5, 2009


What a weekend…

This is me with my nephew, Matthew.  We went to see him on Saturday. He’s absolutely perfect and beautiful and one day will be primeminister and solve the energy crisis….

No Limits Awards 017


Maybe not. But I will be happy if he is happy, finds his reason for being here, is true to himself, is loved and finds love.

I know now why people still believe in miracles, because the thought that he came into the world is just amazing, and all of the things that he will learn in such a short time can not be explained by anyone on earth because it is nothing short of an act of God.

And that is the opinion of a qualified cynic.

The other thing that was brilliant about this weekend was that we attended the Sefton no-limits ceremony at Aintree race course on Friday night.

No limits recognises the achievements of looked after children. It was a great night, with entertainment, a buffet, and an awards ceremony. The top prize was won by a young lady who had been in foster care and gone on to gain a first class honours degree. It is recognised that children who are fostered or brought up in chidren’s homes often do not achieve at school, so it was an honour to be involved in a ceremony which recognises the achievements of looked after children.

And it was especially significant to us that our foster son (who I call Duane on this blog) won an award for his extra-curricular achievements.

So here I am, this time last year there were no kids on the horizon, and now I am a proud foster dad, uncle and god father.

What a difference a year can make.

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