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Is this a spoiler? I don’t think so…

Posted on: June 18, 2009

Just as a matter of Interest…

I’ve recently been corresponding with an Australian reader of  Tasting the Wind, who has generously offered to write a review for a periodical which she edits.

She clearly enjoyed reading the book, but was disappointed with one of the twists about 3/4 into the book, which she feels changes the whole nature of the piece, and has wondered how to present this in her review.

The twist is that a character who appears to have a profound learning disability turns out to be not quite what he seems. As the reviewer writes for a periodical which specialises in profound learning disability, she felt that Tasting the Wind was no longer about that subject but, eager to write a review, asked for my advice on how she could get round that problem.

The fact that I am revealing this information here indicates that to my mind that the ‘spoiler’ does not give enough away to ruin the reader’s enjoyment of the book, and in no way does it give a clue to the eventual outcome. The denouement has in fact come as a shock to all who have read it, although its seeds are scattered throughout.

I did admit in my correspondence that although I had set out to present a person with a profound disability in a major role I may have sacrificed this to the thriller form- but this does not take away from the fact that several characters have severe/profound disabilities and the lead character without a disability comes to value them despite his preconceptions.

So hopefully this has not told you too much if you are half way through!

I would still welcome reviews- I believe in the message of ‘Tasting the Wind’ and want to get it out to as many people as possible. Please put a review on Amazon, or if you write for a periodical please contact me (with evidence that you can publish a review!) and I will gladly send you a review copy.

4 Responses to "Is this a spoiler? I don’t think so…"

Been away for a week or so without internet access!!! Got more writing done than usual though. Wonder what the connection is there…hmmm… Do you have the same problem, I wonder. You seem so busy helping others through your website etc. do you still get time to write?
Anyway, noticed your post on the YWO message board to say that my author interview will be added soon on your website. That’s great, Allan. I’m looking forward to seeing it there and feel confident it will help my sales. My second novel, Making It Home, is now also published and ready for ordering.
Thanks for all your good ideas and help.

Oh, P.S., Allan.
Should I or could I send you a photo of Making It Home to go along with the one of Family Matters you already have?

Oops! P.P.S. Think I’ve posted in the wrong topic. Sorry, Allan. Should have been in the author interview strand, I suspect.
On this topic, I intend to read Tasting The Wind and don’t think your comments will have spoiled it for me.
Like you, I believe in its message. Three of my grandchildren are on the autistic spectrum as well as having various learning difficulties. I like to think they will have repect from others as they grow up in this ever more difficult world. If books like yours make people more aware of how disabilities affect people then that can only be god in my opinion.

Hi Christine- Thanks for your comments- I’ll be answering some of them more fully in my next post. I’ve just got back from holiday myself, so the last few postings were scheduled.
I’m also having to write this from work in my lunchbreak, as my laptop has gone loopy and I’m not sure if I can do anything about it without losing my files. Fortunately the first draft of my next novel is on my PDA.
Yes, please send me a pic of making it home and I can link it to Amazon and Book Depository. (when I’ve got my laptop sorted.)

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