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Workplace Disability Adjustments

Posted on: June 7, 2009

Congratulations to Adam Lotun and his team at a company called ‘Workplace Disability Adjustments,’  ( ) which has just celebrated its first anniversary. Long may you continue to provide this invaluable service.

I mention WDA here because I was flattered that as part of their celebrations the staff were all presented with a copy, signed by yours truly, of  Tasting the Wind.

Here is an e-mail that I received from Adam:

Hello Allan,   I wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for your dedications in the books and for the poster.   I am very touched.   Everyone commented on what a wonderful idea it was and Lindsay has already got through the first 2 chapters and said that it reminded her of Scallygrig.   It has been a hit and I am looking forward to starting it.   It has already taken priority position on the pile of books that I have promised myself to read and it will not be too long before I begin turning the pages.   Best Regards   Adam Lotun Workplace Disability Adjustments.

I feel very honoured that my book has been used in this way. It is a good feeling to know that a group of people now have copies in their possession, and has made the time I spent on targeted marketing worthwhile.

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