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Book Marketing Serendipity

Posted on: June 1, 2009

Serendipity, as any fan of Arthur C. Clarke will tell you, is the act of finding something while looking for something else.

A couple of things have happened over the past fortnight which tell me that my marketing campaign for Tasting the Wind is taking a new direction.

One of the joys of being published through a small press is the often obvious relationship between marketing initiatives and online sales. At first, I would do a promotion- a press release or a post on a forum, and later that day my Amazon rankings would climb. Recently there have been times when the rankings have altered significantly when I haven’t been doing any direct marketing. Maybe, I thought, it was people coming across something a little later than most, or probably word of mouth. Then I received two very interesting communications which highlighted the fact that there is more to marketing than I had thus far imagined.

The first was a text from an ex-member of staff who is now studying in the Social Sciences department at the University of Manchester.

She had walked into her tutors office and was totally spooked when she saw my book on her desk. She asked if I had sent it as a review copy, but it turned out that her tutor had discovered it through searching for books about learning disability on Amazon.

So… if you are promoting a book, remember to add carefully chosen tags to your Amazon page, so that your  target audience can find it.

The second thing was a contact through my website from somone I had worked with over twenty years ago. In fact she was someone who had influenced parts of my book. She had been looking for a book in Waterstone’s by someone whose name began with ‘M.’ When she saw my name she went home and googled it and discovered that it was me.

So there you go. I could never have guessed when I wrote my lists of book marketing tips for this blog that by this stage other, unexpected features would come into play.

So what happens next… someone sitting reading Tasting the Wind in the Big Brother House? *



*Yes, I do know that’s a bit far fetched… someone who can read in the Big Brother House?

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