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Three days of Gardening and booze…

Posted on: May 4, 2009

Must be a British bank holiday…

And if you’re not doing that you are probably stuck in a traffic jam.

But this weekend we took down the two pine trees that were eventually going to destroy the front of the house.



Now it just so happens that I know two guys called Paul. One is a qualified arborist (s0mething to do with trees) the other is a handiman with a trailer.

This one is the tree guy:


Looks tough, but we put him in his place by playing the Monty Python ‘Lumberjack Song’  (the one about the Lumberjack who wears women’s clothes (


This is his wife, Caroline, mad as a box of frogs, as you can see, but very good at shifting timber…

We also had the help of some lovely kids…


but we can’t show them because… well… because perverts look at the internet too.

I am presently part of a team putting together a website to advertise the sevice I work for for people with learning disabilities. Again, we are having to be so careful about what information we give, because it is used by perverts… anyway, back to the holiday spirit…

The two Pauls did a great job…





And I no longer have to risk getting nails in my foot by smashing up wood for my chimnea…



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