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I Always Knew I was a Great Twit…

Posted on: April 17, 2009

By George, I think I’ve got it…

Last year I set up a Twitter account, added one comment then left it, thinking ‘So what’s the big deal?’

Since then I’ve been receiving e-mails from business sites and reading blog posts which have indicated that Twitter is the up and coming social networking site.

I had wondered how this was possible- the idea of Twitter is that you can only write a limited number of words about what you are doing at that moment. Other people are using it more creatively- such as Steevan Glover, author of ‘The Frog and the Scorpion’ who is writing a novel with a friend, one snippet at a time.

So there I was, joined up but not using, when I got a couple of e-mails saying that people were following me on Twitter. So I’m thinking if they are following me I’d better put something on for them to read. So I did, and as a result got another follower.

Looking more closely at Twitter I found that there were groups on all sorts of things, and have joined one on book marketing. Also, as you can see, I’ve linked my blog to my Twitter account- click on the title of my Twitter Widget and you can go to Twitter and sign up if you like. I’m still exploring it, but it does appear to be fun and a good way to meet likeminded people.

See you there maybe.

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