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Happy Easter!

Posted on: April 10, 2009

This time last year we had a litter of  NINE baby rabbits. As it was Easter, I had the bright idea of trying to get them to pose for a greetings card…

Who, me?


Yes, so if you’d just like to get into the…


Keep still, you’re making the picture go all…


 Now don’t be shy, people want to see your face.easter-bunnies-004

  Now you’re just being silly.


 No, not that way!easter-bunnies-002

All right, I’ll go this way.


I’ve had enough of this!


 I’d rather be in the garden…


Would you come back for a carrot?




how’s this?easter-bunnies-003




   … to all of my blog readers.

2 Responses to "Happy Easter!"

Wonderful, Allan!!!! Happy Easter to you, too.

Hi Allan;

Thanks for the greetings. A VERY HAPPY EASTER TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY (including the bunnies) too.

Great pictures. Perhaps you might consider making a movie?



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