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A Not So Perfect Day

Posted on: April 3, 2009

Every sensible action in the world is balanced by a stupid one…

…as a TV ad once said. I wrote yesterday about how perfect it had been, how we’d had a chinese meal (prawn toast, steak and coriander roll, prawn in sesame seed with lemon sauce, cantonese fillet steak….) then lit the chimnea. I missed out the bit that led me to A&E this morning…

Well you see I keep a stock of wood in a compost bin for when I fancy lighting a fire. We’d run out of good stuff, so I broke up an old wine rack.

It was getting dark, so I didn’t notice the long nails that fell from it. The long nails with very broad heads which meant that one of them stood upright…

I was immediately aware that I had stood on it, but hadn’t realised how long it was until I tried to take my shoe off and found that it was firmly nailed to my foot.

I probably should have gone to casualty there and then, but like a true man eased it out and eventually went to bed.

So this morning I couldn’t walk. A friend ran me to hospital, where I was told that the nail could have punctured a bone.

So here I am, antibiotics, foot like a balloon, and the eternal sensible/stupid balance is restored.

And next time I’ll buy some logs.

Dad making toast on the chimnea

Dad making toast on the chimnea

2 Responses to "A Not So Perfect Day"

Sorry to hear about your dreadful accident. Hope the antibiotics are helping. Take care.

Hi Allan;

So sorry to hear about the mishap. Hope the foot’s better now.

This would be one Anniversary to remember!

Get well soon.

Best regards,


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