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Posted on: April 1, 2009





 Which means that TTW has immediately shot into the number one position on Amazon. And if you think that’s my big announcement, read on…


 But that’s not the Big Announcement…

The merchandise is just the forerunner to the news that Tasting the Wind will shortly be hitting the big screen!

I was contacted last week by an American film producer (who for now wishes to remain anonymous) who has already started the process of having TTW converted into a film script.

Of course the story is now set in the States- which I am OK about, as it will be more meaningful to American viewers if set in New York.

Some terminological alterations will be made. I wasn’t too comfortable with this at first, until it was explained to me that the word ‘retard’ is still freely used in the film industry.

They will also be adding a new character. My learning disabled characters were not felt to be cute enough for family consumption, so they have written in ‘Daisy- Lou.’ Apparently her punchline is going to be repeated in playgrounds and workplaces all over the world: ‘Life is like eating at a Blumenthal’s Restaurant- you never know what you’re gonna get…’

So watch out for Tasting the Wind, the movie (or whatever title they choose) in cinemas this Summer.

And don’t forget to buy the merchandise, available exclusively here:











3 Responses to "First on Amazon"

The best April Fools Joke Allan. Ha Ha.

May it come true.’ Aw’r’a best’ as they say oot here.

You Wish!

(I thought Woolworths was a good touch)

Maybe some day it will come true…

thourght i had a rich brother for a moment.

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