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Posted on: March 28, 2009

It went something like this…


Kathleen, a colleague of mine in another area said that she wanted to buy my book, but didn’t know how to use Amazon, so I offered to order her a copy.

The day it arrived, I signed it, and asked another colleague, Barbara, to pass it on to Kathleen. 


I was in a multi-agency meeting  at a local day centre. I gave my report, then Kevin, the convenor, asked me if there was anything else. Gripped by the madness that overtakes you when you have a book to sell, I asked if I could steal thirty seconds of the meeting to mention my book, did my ‘Elevator Speach’ and gave out the cards that I keep in my wallet.

Kevin asked if I had any copies of Tasting the Wind with me, because he would gladly buy one.

At that point I thought of the motto: never leave the house without one…


Barbara told me that she had passed the book on to Kathleen, but before doing so had read the prologue.

And she was hooked- could she buy one?

It just so happened that after missing the opportunity the day before I had one in my bag.

I had made a sale.

I was pleased.

But somewhere, deep down, I wonder about my sanity…


And thanks to readers of the Chorley Citizen- since appearing in this week’s edition my Amazon rankings have soared. Please drop me a line or say hello if you see me around town.

The Press Release can be seen HERE.

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