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Price Wars

Posted on: March 8, 2009

Tasting the Wind on Amazon and Book Depository.

Wow, I’m suddenly in the middle of a price war…

I checked my pages on Amazon and Book Depository on Friday to discover that not only had I now been given a Book Depository sales ranking, but that ‘Tasting the Wind’ had now been reduced in price on there and is 50p cheaper than Amazon! (To check this out click on the link which appears above this posting.)

I also found that if I searched for books published by YouWriteOn on Amazon, ‘Tasting the Wind’ is now at sixth place. Thanks to everyone who is buying it. Hope you enjoy it and hopefully feel moved to write a review on Amazon.

Tasting the Wind on FaceBook

As I mentioned before I have set up a FaceBook group. This weekend I set my mind to other ways in which FaceBook can be used.

An interesting spin-off has been finding other writers on there, and inbetween marketing forays communicating with them about what we are up to and swapping marketing ideas. It’s been a bit like being in a virtual office with Wally Rabbani, Gwenda Fox and Leela Soma… I’m doing this… what do you think about… how do I…

I’ve also put Tasting the Wind onto FaceBook marketplace. It appeared at first not to accept my ad. but I then got a confirmation e-mail saying that it had.

And I’ve been trying some targeted marketing. It occurred to me that there are themes in the book which certain groups on FaceBook might find interesting. So I went into the ‘Groups’ function and searched for ‘Learning Disabilities.’ This came up with 500 groups, some of them with several hundred members.

I also found a group with over a thousand members, devoted to the delights of the Staffordshire Oatcake. I have left a message on there because  when we first meet Martin, our hero in Tasting the Wind, he is living in a flat above an oatcake shop- based on the one in my birthplace, Kidsgrove.

The one thing not to do is to paste the same message onto several sites- FaceBook won’t let you- so you need to write an individual message each time.

It’s a bit like doing a leaflet drop, without leaving your home, and targeted at people you know may already have some interest.


3 Responses to "Price Wars"

Yea, its tough sometimes, but keep it up.

And you have to look for other avenues

Thanks Kevin

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