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Barney Bear Syndrome

Posted on: March 6, 2009

In a conversation with my confidence coach, Lynn Grocott, ( ) she suggested that I could look at Seasonal Affective Disorder in a different way if I changed its name. Whoever coined a phrase that matched so perfectly with its acronym must have been very pleased with themselves, but the fact that it’s known as SAD doesn’t help.

I suggested ‘Barney Bear Syndrome.’ Remember the cartoon where Barney Bear sets his alarm clock for Spring, then just can’t get to sleep? By the end he has bloodshot eyes, and the mania which comes from sleep deprivation is setting in. Well this time of year I start to feel like that, and to crave the coming of spring. If you want to know what I look like right now, just take a look at the cartoon: The Bear That Couldn’t Sleep. (My name even appears in the first frame…)

One of the side effects of SAD is lack of concentration and poor memory… no… two of the side effects… what was I saying? Well anyway, anyone who knows me will probably tell you that my memory is just as bad during the Summer (and you can imagine how I laugh at that one.)  But in the Winter months it is much more pronounced. It usually drives my wife to distraction, apart from earlier this week when I bought her a bottle of brandy, only to find an identical bottle in the cupboard which I’d bought two days earlier.

As I’ve said before on this blog, I try to keep things light here (apart from in exceptional circumstances, as happened a week ago) but if anyone would like to read more about SAD (or BBS!) go to: ezine articles.

I was intending to do a follow up article… but just couldn’t be a***d…. I feel like that a lot these days. Roll on Spring…

And if you really want to annoy a BBS  (SAD) sufferer say something like:

1. Professor so-and -so says it doesn’t exist or

2. We all feel like that this time of year.

3. There are worse things… ( of course I know that- I say it to myself, and it makes me even sadder thinking about them.)

Just call me a miserable old git- that I can cope with.

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