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Promotional Photographs

Posted on: March 1, 2009


 I’m working on a new promotional photograph. The local newspaper suggested a photo outside of me holding a copy of the book… what do you think?

 Too Serious… would you buy a book from this man?

press-releasew-photos-0022 It’s important that you look as if you know what you’re talking about, but on this one I look like I should be holding a prisoner number.







 Spot the book Competition






 This one is too far away- you’ve got to be able to see the book.






 I decided against a suit and tie, as that would look too formal and academic.








OK, it’s outside, but I think it will look better with more greenery.




Tip: try to look proud to be published, without looking smug…


This is the one… I’ve morphed it to make it look like I live in the middle of some Canadian forest….  much better…







 Now all I have to do is write an interesting press release. It’s got a better chance of being published if it’s got a good ‘human interest’ angle. Perhaps I should write about how I was brought up by bears, was told by my teachers that I would never be able to write and ate nothing but sugar puffs until I was fifteen…


4 Responses to "Promotional Photographs"

in the one you’ve gone for, you can’t see your name on the book! get the camera out again! (although if it’s for the guardian, they’ll probably chop your head off anyway!)

That was deliberate, it gives an air of mystery, albeit subliminal. Honest…

I just wanted to say that you made a good choice, and that it looks very beautiful where you live.
Continued success to you.
Scott M. Murray

Very funny post!! It is hard to get it right. I think the one you chose is definitely the best one though. Good luck with the book!

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