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Posted on: February 24, 2009

It was seeing the changes in Amazon’s rankings which inspired to send for a copy of ‘Tasting the Wind’ by express delivery, so that I could see it before everyone else did.

Since then I’ve been keeping an eye on those rankings. Yesterday I was really pleased to see that having started last week  in something like  five-hundred and odd millionth place I had now soared up to position  2,942!

That was nice to see, but before I, or anyone else, gets too excited, it is important to get some perspective on what those rankings represent.

Obviously people (although it is impossible to tell how many from the rankings) are buying the book. The rankings fluctuate throughout the day. I am told that those above 10,000 are recalculated every hour, those below, every day. I have also heard that it is possible to make your figures soar if you can co-ordinate several people to buy your book at the same time.

So the figures don’t mean – unfortunately-  that  ‘Tasting the Wind’  is the 2942nd best book on Amazon- just that at that particular time several people had bought it.

                                THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE- HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!

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