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So Fair and Foul a Day…

Posted on: February 17, 2009

Foul because…

I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. I have it well under control with the right combination of drugs, diet and a ‘Dawn Simulator’ in my bedroom, but one thing I can’t seem to control is that my immune system is absolutely pants at this time of year. What with our foster child being sick in the night, and all sorts of things going around at work it was inevitable that I should eventually pick up something. So I’ve spent the afternoon sleeping and starving myself (which can’t be a bad thing) but now I’m bored, so turn my aching fingers and bleary eyes to my laptop…

Fair because…

What do I find in ‘Laptopland?’ (hmm… I feel a ‘Land of Counterpane’ parody coming on,) I find that good things have been happening as I slept.

Firstly:  people have actually been downloading my free PDF ( ) which makes me feel a lot better because I now feel useful.

Secondly: I have been adding my details to various book sites over the past few nights. I hadn’t intended to blog about this yet, as I hadn’t expected results so soon, but so far there have been the following:

I put my bio and links on and within a day it came up on Google. I added info to and got a referral from there to my blog.

Best of all: Last night I uploaded my prologue to (there doesn’t seem to be a facility for this so I put it under ‘short story’) and today got this from Matt Arnold:

 While I can’t tell much about the book from here, I checked it out on your website. It sounds like a wildly creative premise upon which to base a story. This is a solid set up. Just ordered it.

The other piece of good news is that Amazon are now displaying no cover for ‘Tasting the Wind’ (rather than the cover to ‘My Brothers’ Keepers’  (have they changed yours now Scott?) so I am expecting the real cover to appear soon. Once this has happened, and I’ve received my copies, I will at last be able to get on with marketing.

Watch this Space…

5 Responses to "So Fair and Foul a Day…"

What a mine of info Allan! Thanks, I have just downloaded your booklet.

Must try the other sources that you’ve mentioned.

Hope you feel better soon.

ps: The bunnies are dead cute too, though Iam a doggy person myself.

Dear Allan:
Yes, they have removed EVIL EYE from my advertisement, and only the correct cover is shown. I don’t know what it was about, but the title didn’t really fit with the context of my story. Must thank you again, for the advice, and the free air time for my cover under TASTING THE WIND. Have been blogging in obnoxious and shameless ads for my book wherever I can.
Can relate to the seasonal affective disorder, since we have some very short days here in Montana, as well.
Best of luck to you, and keep us posted.
Scott M. Murray

Hi Allan;

Thanks for the excellent e-book, and FREE at that (unlike Dan Poynter’s stuff!). You should consider charging for it.

Good to know that your book cover is appearing, albeit slowly.

Here’s another piece of info that you should register your book for the Public lending Rights Commission (see following website)and earn some extra ‘dough’ from the libraries for stocking your book:

Hope you alergy goes away soon.

Best Regards,


Thanks guys,
one of the big pleasures of being involved in this is meeting like minded people like yourselves who share a goal. The world has changed immensely for writers due to this modern miracle, the internet. Thanks for your encouragement, and if any of you (or anyone else out there) wants to contribute a piece for my ‘book marketing tips from published authors’ series please feel free to send it with a pic and book cover to ,

Dear Allan:
Barnes and Noble site is still showing my cover for TASTING THE WIND. They also still have the EVIL EYE cover for my used copies. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Sorry about that, man.
All My Best,

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