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Marketing Your Book? Check into the Bauu Institute

Posted on: February 16, 2009

Have you ever watched one of those TV programmes which presents the top 50 or one hundred something-or-others in a countdown? You know, 100 best comedy moments, 50 best snogs… that sort of thing.

They may be just another excuse to show repeats, but some of them can be quite entertaining. One thing I can guarantee is that whatever the subject there will come some point in the programme where either my wife or I will question the order of the clips. For instance, ‘how can ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes’ possibly come in at number 55 in a list of best Sci-Fi films when ‘Bladerunner’ was 83?

I can’t believe that most of them are in any particular order. Which brings me to my contribution to the great listings scandal:

When I put together my 50 Tips for book marketing, their order was random, which is why, tucked away at number 50, is the ‘Bauu institute.’ I am currently trawling through its vast array of information on how to market your book and attract more traffic to your blog and website, and have realised that I have committed a grave injustice in placing that site at the end.

It is an absolute mine of information which will be of great use to anyone with a book to market.

Take a look at:


In recommending this site, however, I am very aware of one of the problems a writer will encounter when faced with such a vast array of information. You could find the marketing side of things taking over and never have time to write another line. The Bauu Institute site does recognise this and stresses the importance of being methodical and doing something every day. That something could be one submission of your book details to a site, and may only take five minutes, but it is ‘something.’

This week I have added a PDF to my website of simple tools for planning your book marketing strategy. I am using these tools, and hopefully you will find them useful when faced with a list of tasks and websites. You don’t want to be wasting time loading information onto sites that you have already dealt with. You DO need a strategy. You can download these tools at: . I am also going to add a Word.Doc version for anyone who wishes to use them on their PC.

Let me know if you find this useful.

2 Responses to "Marketing Your Book? Check into the Bauu Institute"

I would like to thank you for the information. It is much appreciated, and really stuff we need to look at given the POD situation. I just checked Barnes and Noble, and Amazon, and they both still have my book cover for Tasting the Wind. They also have Evil Eye’s cover for my used copies. I wish I was otherwise retired, so that I could spend the time necessary to do the marketing.
I would also like to thank Walli for his suggestions about purchasing, so that I take less of a loss on each copy sold.
All My Best, to all of you,
Scott M. Murray

Cheers Scott,
I think it’s important that there is a sharing of information. We are never going to achieve anything like the sales of a book with the marketing machinery of a big publishing house- that’s a given. But if there are ways that you can publicise yourself which are cost and time effective then we should be going for these. Thanks for your comments,

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