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Waheed Rabbani

Posted on: February 1, 2009

Thanks to regular reader of this blog, author Waheed Rabbani, (otherwise known as ‘Wally’ from Ontario  ) for the following link to an NYT article from 27th January 2009:

This is interesting, in that it shows that you can get your sales into the thousands for books published through ‘non-traditional’ channels. If you take this together with the post from my last contributor, Jennifer Abel, a consistent picture is emerging. It is one in which authors of POD published/Self published/ Small Press Published books should neither delude themselves into thinking that they can reach as many readers as authors with the backing of big publishing houses, nor be pessimistic about their sales.

If you have produced a good piece of writing, if you believe in it, and if you are willing to put the time in to marketing it, your work need not be consigned to the eternal slushpile.

Find your target audience, learn about the different avenues of marketing, and do something every day.

At the same time I have received this:

The Confessions of a Semi-successful Author

Food for thought?

I’ve named this post in honour of Waheed Rabbani, the author of ‘Doctor Margaret’s Sea-Chest,’ a Historical novel about the Indian Mutiny (from the Indian point of view) because 1) he has been a great source of encouragement on these pages  2) I would love to see his look of surprise when he checks out my latest post and finds his name there! and 3) as I can’t advertise my book from here yet, I may aswell advertise his.

You can buy it here: . It looks fascinating.

3 Responses to "Waheed Rabbani"

Hi Allan;

Thanks for the free PR! I owe you a beer.

By the way, do not skip reading the over 200 comments on that NYT article. A most informative collection for both POD and “main-stream” authors.

PS: I was wondering if I ordered your book from Amazon, would I get both yours and Scotts?



Thanks Wally- mine’s a Stella.
That’s a good question- I tried filling in an order on one of the online book sellers, but when I went to checkout only the ISBN came up, so I didn’t know if I would receive my book or Scott’s. So I’m not encouraging anyone to order yet, as it would probably make Scott a very happy man if he gets my orders as well as his!
I have e-mailed YWO on the question, but they are getting an unfortunate reputation for lack of reply at the moment. I got the email about book orders at the end of last week, and thought that if I got a copy I could confirm what my ISBN is, but as yet I’ve had nothing to tell me how to pay.
So watch this space.

Dear Allan:
Yeah, I went to the Amazon site today, and I see that they still haven’t corrected the Tasting the Wind advert. It still has my cover posted. I must tell you that they still have Evil Eye for my used copies, as well, at a higher price than the new issue. I have seen this on more than one of the YWO publications. I hope they get these things corrected soon. I also agree that they must not have published 5000 books, because I can’t believe that such a small fraction (288/5000) would buy into the distribution deal.
All My Best, and Good Luck,
Scott M. Murray

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