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Posted on: January 28, 2009

Just a quickie to say- received this from YouWriteOn tonight:

Dear Allan,
We are pleased to inform you that your book is now ready to order from YouWriteOn and Legend Press. Your book has also entered book distribution channels and our books are already starting to appear on sites like Amazon. Please follow the ordering instructions below exactly so that we can process your order.


 To order copies of your book, email us, with your book title in your email header. In your email, include the following information:

 1)      Your Book Title again

2)      Your Name

3)      Your Delivery Address, including postcode

4)      Your telephone number, required for those who choose tracked orders

5)      How many books you wish to order

6)      Important Inform us of the email address which you plan to include in your Google checkout payment for your book order (link will follow your email). This is very important as we cannot tie up orders with book titles unless you specify the email address from which you will pay in your email to us

7)      Whether you would like standard delivery (Royal Mail) or tracked delivery – see below for further details. We can only inform you of delivery prices once you inform us how many copies you wish to order

 Package and Posting Terms of Delivery

 We will inform you of package and posting costs depending on the amount of copies you inform us you wish to order. For other countries, we will notify you of delivery costs and delivery times. The postage and handling charges are charged by our printers Lightning Source to us for delivery of your book. Lightning Source are one of the world’s largest print-on-demand companies. Note that Lightning Source do not replace any books that may go missing as a fault of Royal Mail delivery, so we cannot do so either. By placing an order with us you accept this as a condition of delivery. If you would like a tracked mail delivery through DHL (UK), please inform us in your order email above, and if it goes missing Lightning Source will resupply the order if they are satisfied the order was placed and went missing. We hope you enjoy your book!

 The YouWriteOn Staff and Legend Press Partnerships

This is slightly edited. For those of you who are interested in the financial side of things: the book sells at £8.99. With author discounts I will make just over £2.00 per copy (half of which goes to Derian House Children’s Hospice) but I have no idea yet what the P&P will be.



7 Responses to "Latest News (10)"

How many copies have you ordered to get a £2.00 discount? Sounds good to me.

Good luck with the sales and hope you raise alot for our charity.

Hi Glascot, How are you? The discount, as I understand it:
I was given the following figures: The RRP of your book is £8.99 and copies are available exclusively to you at just £6.78, so am presuming £2.21 discount minus the proportion of postage and packing. I’ve replied- just ordering 10 to start with, but the details on Amazon are still mixed up with someone else’s book.

Sorry about that, but thanks for the free ad. I didn’t know they had put my cover on your book, but they had mine confused with another youwriteon product as well. In one place I found both correct and incorrect covers, the latter in reference to “used” copies available, of which I think there are none at present. It seems to change every few days, so hopefully they will spot the error and get your cover into your ad.
Let’s not be dissing My Brothers’ Keepers, though, for any reason.
All My Best,
Scott M. Murray

Good to hear from you Scott- I wondered if you would see this. I won’t be ‘dissing’ your book as I haven’t read it yet. What’s it about?

Yeah, I was only kidding about the dissing. They put the cover for Evil Eye on mine for a few days, and I wondered if that might not be a bad omen. My book is a medical science fiction novel, involving nanometer dimension artificial intellegence robots running amok. What is the subject of Taste The Wind? I hope it isn’t about a main character sharing his embarrassing flatulence.
All My Best,

Sounds interesting. I read a lot of Sci-Fi but don’t think I could write it.

On the ‘wind’ theme- someone at my local paper chose to put the word, in bold type, half way down my press release as a heading. Don’t know if they were suggesting it was a load of hot air!

The theme, in a nut shell: a severely disabled man is killed by a nurse in a ‘mental institution.’ There are two witnesses, but they also have severe learning disabilities which affect their communication. Ten years later they are relocate to a ‘care in the community’ bungalow. The nurse is now manager there. How do they raise the alarm before they themselves become victims…

Good luck with your sales,

best wishes,


Your story sounds very unusual in terms of theme. Sounds like mystery suspense. I flashed on that nurse in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest when I read your description. What a dame!
Good luck with your sales as well, Allan.
All My Best,

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