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Posted on: January 22, 2009

  Well nothing else has been simple about the process…

 I had been hoping by now to be announcing that ‘Tasting the Wind’ had appeared on Amazon. Well it has… sort of. I went on to the site today, searched, and there it was

”Tasting the Wind, Author : Allan Mayer.’

But the cover and details belong to a different book. You can see it  here.

I had heard that other books had appeared like that, so I would imagine that it is something to do with Amazon’s process- the title appears, and the cover and details follow. It’s a bit like watching someone beaming aboard the Starship Enterprise- slowly.

But it’s getting there. Watch this space!

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Hi Allan;

Congratulations, you’re almost there. I believe I had the same problem. But in my case, the ‘wrong book’ info didn’t have a cover, so it didn’t matter. But the wrong ISBN #s were listed. That did matter. I’d noted them and was including them in information to friends foes and all. But it seems the problem was fixed ‘miraculosly’ when Amazon (after about a week) installed my book’s cover and the correct ISBNs! I had to send ISBN corrections out to all the folks I had bragged about the book earlier.

Look in B&N and Powells, they might have your cover image and the correct ISBN.

No, it’s not “All Ted’s fault.”


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