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Posted on: January 19, 2009

At last! Received an e-mail from YouWriteOn saying that my book, ‘Tasting the Wind’ is now ready. Just waiting  for it to start to appear on Amazon and Barnes and Noble (which I am told can take 1-4 weeks.)

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Hi Allan,

Just wondering what email you used to contact Ted? The messageboard is STILL down and I am fed up of waiting for my book. There was nothing wrong with it and it was sent on time so I am getting very annoyed with the whole thing…I did contact Ted using the form last week and heard nothing. Can you help?

Ta muchley!

Thanks for that Allan. Yes, I suspected books without an Amazon deal weren’t going forward – the cynic in me suspects this is because YWO get publicity and money for these books and not the others.

I’m pleased you’ve heard something, alas I will probably be last in the queue as I haven’t paid. Oh well, will try the link. Please let us know what you think when your masterpiece arrives.

Joanna 🙂

Hi Joanna,
yes it’s getting frustrating isn’t it- and I’m saying that as someone who has now had news.
I got an e-mail last week from Ted saying that my book had been too long at a particular stage so he was chasing it up. When I had heard nothing at the end of the week I sent a reply on . This was on Friday, and yesterday I got the e-mail that my book was ready.
Did you pay for an ISBN? I did hear that none of the books without this have seen light of day yet.
It’s also frustrating that the message boards are still down. There is some discussion of this at
Hope you hear something soon,
Best Wishes,

Hi Allan;

Congratulations. Your book should surface soon.

Did the YWO email tell you how to order copies at author discount? I’m still waiting to hear about it as, we need volumes of these books (to send out as complementary copies) to get reviews and do PR, don’t we?

Best regards,


Cheers Wally,
I did get an address to send an enquiry to about author discounts, with precise instructions, but haven’t had a reply yet. Yes, we’re going to need copies, and we need to know what the author discount is before we can approach any outlets. I’m just keeping an eye on Amazon and B&N now.



Hi Allan,

Re sending review copies( Iam being asked that ) it is very costly. I ordered 20 copies from YWO and my book which is priced at £ 6.99 I got copies for £5.59 plus postage of £7.50 which effectively made it £ 6.00 a copy . So maybe you need to order at least 100 to get a decent discount. Also Im having big problems re my local bookshop etc wanting to stock them but discount offered is not enough for them to make it worthwhile, sale or return for POD ‘s is also a problem. On the bright side my local council and Library are making an event of my book on World book day and giving me a slot and advert etc locally.

Thanks for that Leela, it is useful to get info from people who are further on in the process. Well done on the local library event, that is really exciting. Did you approach them, or did they hear about your book some other way?

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