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Posted on: January 16, 2009



One of the best things about blogging is that you meet so many interesting like-minded people. One of these is Whitney Keyes.  Amongst other things, Whitney writes a business blog for the Seattle Post Intelligencer and has worked as a senior marketing manager for Microsoft…

I’m sorry… I think I understated that. Let me quote from the CV on Whitney Keyes’ Website:

She eventually made her way to Microsoft where she worked directly with executives including Bill Gates. She helped create many of the company’s global initiatives, managed the launch of Office 2000 which at the time was an $8 billion dollar business, and led some of Microsoft’s first viral and social marketing campaigns.

(So yes, I think we could say she’s a ‘big hitter.’)

Some weeks ago Whitney asked if  I would like a copy of  her guide book: Media Tips for Authors: How to get Free Publicity for Your Book, and would I mention it on my blog.

 Would I?

 At the moment the words ‘free’ ‘publicity,’ and ‘book’ mentioned in the same sentence are guaranteed to get my attention.

Media Tips is a well-presented and easy to read guide to one specific area of book marketing. I have blogged previously about press releases from the point of view of someone who is learning the ropes. Whitney Keyes has been there and writes from the position of someone who has tried and tested the techniques and can vouch for their success.

What I hear from a lot of authors is We are writers, we are creative, we are artistic: the business and marketing side to publishing is alien to us. Unfortunately, the reality is that if you publish through POD, self-publishing or a small publisher, then you have to market or you aint gonna sell a thing. If you are one of those people who is put off by technical, stuffy, formal marketing advice, you will find  that Media Tips will utilise your creativity and not turn you into book marketing’s version of Gordon Gecko.

Whitney Keyes’ advice is presented in small, easily digestible sections and provides you with exercises to create such things as your own ‘news hooks’ to get the attention of newspaper editors.

At a compact twenty pages, the booklet provides an antidote for the information overload you can experience when researching book marketing ideas. It also contains a resource guide of books, experts, organisations and websites.

For more information, to sign up for her free weekly marketing tips, and to buy Media Tips (Also available as a download) go to     

She is also a host on Web.TV site:  and can be found at:  Seattle Post-Intelligencer articles

… ’nuff said?’

2 Responses to "Media Tips for Authors"

Great to see your blogs with links on book promos. Have you used any yet and would you recommned any?

My book sales are going well with good feedback.

Good luck with yours.

Hi Leela, lovely to hear from you again and so glad that your sales are going well.
Unfortunately my book is STILL not available (this week maybe?)
so all of this is just preparation. I have tried to avoid any sites that charge for their services and have marked sites that looked interesting with a view to eventually trying them all and reporting back here.
Let me know if you find any useful. Maybe you would like to contribute to my ‘Tips from Published Authors’ series?

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