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Posted on: January 8, 2009


Well I bit the bullet and submitted a piece to the online novel,’Greyling Bay.’

Looking  at the callibre of the first submissions to be posted I would not have been in the least surprised if I hadn’t been included, but I gave it my best shot.

And guess what? My piece was accepted! I received an encouraging and helpful response from Jane Smith, with the information that my work is scheduled to appear on the site at 10am on Saturday 10th January. 

I quite enjoyed the exercise of producing a piece of writing to specific instructions with regard to length and style. The literary fiction form is, as Jane says on the ‘Greyling Bay’ site, the closest that prose ever comes to poetry.  I remember something from my dim and distant college days about how poetic forms, although disregarded now in many quarters, can be a useful discipline in the way in which their restrictions focus the mind of the writer. The 500 word limit is also a good way of ensuring economy.

I’m still waiting to hear when my novel will be available, but in the meantime I am celebrating another type of publishing success.

If you want to take a look at the story so far go to- and if you feel inclined you might want to submit something of your own.

2 Responses to "Success!"

Allan, I was very pleased with your piece–thank you for submitting. Just one quibble, though: Greyling Bay isn’t exactly a novel, as it’s a little too diffuse for that particular label. It’s working out well, though, what ever it is, and I do hope it continues as well as it’s started–I couldn’t do it without good contributions, so would welcome more.

Interesting… no it isn’t a novel is it. The only modern parallel to spring to mind of a new form emerging and needing a label is the ‘Soap Opera’ which more recently is being referred to as ‘continuing drama.’ I notice that you call Greyling Bay a ‘collaborative work of fiction,’ and the fact that it does not need to be read in order makes it something completely different to a novel, doesn’t it? I wonder what title will eventually stick?

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