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Probably the Most Important Piece of Book Marketing Advice I Can Give…

Posted on: January 3, 2009

… By which I mean the one thing that just about every website, book or marketing professional I have consulted  agree upon: 


Many of the ideas that I have put forward previously will perhaps find the odd sale here and there- they are a bit like buckshot: scattered randomly they will (hopefully) hit something.

The most effective forms of promotion are targeted- the audience is identified and marketing is specifically aimed in their direction.

This will be easier if your book has a particular slant. On one website I came across a children’s author was asking how he/she could promote a new book. The main character of the book was a squirrel, which brought out a suggestion that a good place to sell the book would be through the giftshop at a squirrel sanctuary.

My book, ‘Tasting the Wind’ has several central characters who have severe learning disabilities, and is set against a background of transition from institutional life to ‘Care in the Community.’ When I originally put chapters onto YouTube I mentioned this on a learning disabilities forum called ‘PMLD Network.’ I realised that my submission to the forum had been accepted when there was a sudden leap in the numbere of viewers of the YouTube channel, and I got e-mails from forum members saying that they would like to read the book.

 I will be contacting the PMLD network when my book is available, as well as Learning Disability jounals and websites.

So look at your book and ask if there are any groups of people or obvious outlets where it would be welcome. Does it have links to an area, to a profession or pastime?

Do an internet trawl, and make some contacts. Brainstorm with friends or fellow writers- what are the themes of your book and which groups may want to read it?

Then go for it- give it your best shot.

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