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Happy New Year!

Posted on: December 31, 2008

                     New Year Quiz        

A.       Christmas

1) According to the Bible, how many wise men visited the baby Jesus?
2) What was number 1 on Christmas day and who sings it?
3)Which fruit sauce traditionally accompanies turkey?
4)In which year was ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’ released?
5)Which country traditionally provides the tree for Trafalgar Square?
6)How many Gospels tell the Christmas story- name them.
7)Which coin was traditionally put in a Christmas pudding.
8 )     What date in December did Good King Wenceslas look out on?
9)  According to the song, how many gifts did ‘my true love send to me?’
10)We traditionally kiss under bunches of what?

    B:New Year

1)     When letting in the New Year some people carry bread, a coin and coal. Why?
2)     Who wrote the words to ‘Auld Lang Syne?’
3)     On New Year’s Day there is always a concert of Strauss music in which city?
4)     Why is January so called?
5)     What was New York called originally?
6)     Which group had a hit with ‘I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.’
7)     In Which City does the Statue of Liberty stand?
8 )     When making a fresh start you are said to turn over what?
9)     What is said to ‘Sweep clean?’
10) Which country’s New Year celebration involves fire crackers and a dragon dance?
    C: Who’s Who?
1)      Who traditionally makes a speech to the commonwealth on Christmas day?
2)      Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
3)      Who released ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ this Christmas?
4)      Who is the missing Tellytubby: Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Po
5)      Who won a lifetime achievement award at the ‘Sports Personality of the Year’ awards in December?
6)      Who won  a) The X Factor
b) Strictly Come Dancing
c) I’m a Celebrity
7)      Who played the other Doctor in the Christmas Day episode of ‘Dr. Who?’
8 )      Who likes honey and has a friend who is a piglet?
9)      Who was ‘dead to begin with,’ according to Charles Dickens.
10)   Who, according to the poem, has a ‘broad face and a round little belly.’
(Thanks to my wife, Alison, for the quiz which she wrote for tonight’s party.)
Wishing all Readers a  Happy,Healthy and Successful 2009!     

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