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Fostering a Spirit of Good Will.

Posted on: December 28, 2008


Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas. This has been one of the best. The reason for this being that  for the first time we have a child in the house.

We have been fostering for a few months, and this young man came to us in August for a long term placement. During a year of training we were prepared for the worst case scenarios- children who have been moved from pillar to post often have attachment problems because it doesn’t pay to get attached if you’re just going to get moved on again. But in this case we have found a perfect match, and are getting so much from sharing our lives with him.

Okay- confession time: we went a bit O.T.T for Christmas. I even did the dressing up as Santa to pass by his room. Of course, he slept through it, so I went out and and tapped on neighbours windows- didn’t want the suit to be wasted!

Christmas morning was just the most magical experience ever, and I finally realised what friends with children had that we had been missing out on.

The rest of the day was spent tuning in his new television and setting up his model of a Tardis interior.

As I say, we have been lucky in that we are a perfect match. Even down to the fact that our foster child shares my obsession with Dr. Who.

6p.m. Christmas day, and my wife was chucked out of the living room so that we could watch the latest Christmas Special. Admittedly, it wasn’t the best story they had ever done but, what the heck, it was Dr. Who, Christmas day, and a perfect bonding experience.

Now we thought we had got it worked out- the Dr. goes to victorian England and finds, as well as Cybermen, another Dr. with an assistant called Rositta. Obviously, he was the Dr. from a parallel universe- the one from which the cybermen came. Russell T. Davies had cleverly led Whovians to this conclusion through a Radio Times interview where he said that the other Dr. also had a sonic screwdriver and a Tardis.

I won’t spoil it for anyone who may not have watched it yet, but the Tardis turned out not to be what we’d  expected.

And it’s nice to take a break from work, and from book related activities- the online forums have either closed or are, generally, full of goodwill.  When I say ‘generally,’ It is with reference to the friction between YouWriteOn and other sites which are critical of their POD scheme. I did suggest a truce, but from one quarter this was met with a staunch refusal. 

It was at this time of peace that warring opponents once climbed out of the trenches and played football in honour of the festive spirit. But  when it comes to disagreements in the world of  writing and publishing  it would appear that we are venturing into areas of life and death, where there can be no compromise.

2 Responses to "Fostering a Spirit of Good Will."

I have been approved as a foster carer for about 6 months now. I have not yet had a placement, so reading about yours was quite interesting. I hope things continue as they have started, you seem to have the right frame of mind, I am sure you will do very well.

Thanks Sandy. I can’t believe that you have been accepted and not had anyone yet- as you will know, there is a national shortage of foster carers. Is this another case of red tape getting in the way? You will come across a lot of that. Hope it happens soon. Good luck,

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