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Posted on: December 19, 2008

So what other ways are there to increase your internet presence?


I’ve mentioned social networking, business networking, blogs and forums, but what about sites like ? Make an announcement on there: you’ve published a book! There will be people who knew you years ago who will be curious. Hint that some of the scenes are based on childhood/school experiences and some people may want to see if they appear (N.B. as long as you have kept within the law and not libeled a recognisable person- like the one who stole your catapult when you were 5!)

 Have you got a YouTube channel? ( See my post:  on how to do this.) Put your information and links on there .

Write short articles for  . You can’t advertise your work in the body of your article- which can be about anything- but you are allowed two self-serving links, and you can mention your work in your profile. There are also lots of articles on writing.


As Featured On Ezine Articles


It’s easy, and it’s free. Go for it.

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