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Posted on: December 15, 2008


Not only have I just had my first press release in a local newspaper, I also got an Online Press release approved  on    –

thanks to Gwenda  Fox for that link. ( see her thread on marketing your book at:—Helpful-tips-only-Topic-12243-1.aspx )

This is what they had to say:

Hello Allan,

Congratulations! Your article has been approved by our moderators and is currently being displayed on PressReleaseHome.

We also have a site,, that is set up in the same way. It would be a good place to discuss every aspect of your book and your YouWriteOn experiences. The secret to this kind of web promotion strategy, is to use original content each time, we feel.Your article can be found at ‘Evil Villain’ Helps Children’s Charity. Feel free to link to it from your site. We would also recommend updating your press release with new information in the comment box at the bottom of the page. Search engines give extra weighting to new content.If you wish, you may yet help increase the exposure of your article by posting one of our buttons in your own website, blog or any other web service you may have a profile in. Editorial Team

My first comment was from the booksbuyer arm of WordPress:

Good luck with your book and in promoting it. The YouWriteOn project sounds
fascinating and must be leaving some literary agents wondering what has happened
to their world of ivory towers! Still, this serves them right for sending you
all those rejections!

All I need now is a book to sell. And on that subject…

A Message from Ted Smith

I emailed Ted Smith at YouWriteOn at the weekend to see if the 3-4 days for my cover to be fixed was also the time by which it would be available. I received a very informative letter about the printing process, and the tweaks they would have to do to make my cover (which through no fault of my own was having resolution problems) publishable.

Is anyone going to tell me now that YWO are not concerned about quality?




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