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Posted on: December 12, 2008

Welcome to readers of the Chorley Guardian!

A couple of interesting things happened today…  firstly, my press release appeared in my local paper, the ‘Chorley Guardian.’ It was great to see my mugshot, details and web address displayed for a massive local readership.

Unfotunately- the book isn’t available yet. And today I actually got an email from my publisher, YouWriteOn, saying that adjustments to my cover would take 3-4 days, so the publication date of  ‘Tasting the Wind’ will be delayed.

Oh well, I’m having an announcement to this effect put on my website, in the hope that people who saw the press release will come back next week.

In the meantime you can read the text of the press release here:

                                     Panto baddie turns out to be a goodie

                                  ‘Oh yes he does’


Former Pantomime baddie, Allan Mayer, has shown his good side by  pledging to give half of the royalties from his newly published novel to a Chorley charity.

Allan, 47,  took  part in nine successive  Chorley pantomimes, in roles such as the Millennium Bug, Abanazzer, and the Sheriff of Nottingham, for which he won a NODA award. When he was an Ugly Sister in Cinderella he also raised money for Derian House through a sponsored beard shave.

Allan has lived in Chorley with his wife, Alison, who is a full-time foster carer, for over twenty years.

His novel, ‘Tasting the Wind,’ published by ‘Legend Press’ features several major characters who have severe learning disabilities. This is familiar territory for the writer, who has worked in the caring profession for twenty-two years, and is currently a manager with Brothers of Charity Services.

‘It was my intention,’ said Allan, ‘to include disabled characters not as passive bystanders, but as central to the plot.’

 The novel is about what happens when a nurse in a 1970’s ‘Mental Handicap Hospital’ kills a patient, and the only two witnesses are unable to communicate what they have seen.

 Despite the serious nature of the subject matter, the story is one of hope, and is not without humour.

 ‘Tasting the Wind’ is available through Amazon, or can be ordered at W.H. Smiths and Waterstones. For more information visit

 And Chorley residents who think they may have seen me before can find out where here:


It will be interesting to see what next week brings.



3 Responses to "Latest News (5)"

Hi Allen;

Looks like my book’s cover suffered the same fate like yours. I find it perplexing as, possibly like yourself, I’d had a professional Cover Designer design the cover. She assures me that all the YWO and LS’s intructions were followed.

Anyhow, lets hope we will see our books like soon. You may them party some more, which I see you’ve already started.


Hi Wally,
I started the party mainly in reaction to the feeling of despondency on the YWO website. I think that the critics of the scheme were right in that it was a big undertaking so is taking longer than anticipated, but I have no reason to dolubt, as some have, that the books will all appear.
Yes, I stuck exactly to the 6×9 and was surprised that it had to be altered. But I was reassured that that they didn’t just put it out with the bottom chopped off and rake in their profits, which I think demonstrates some concern for quality and reputation.
Hope you hear soon Wally,
thanks for your contribution to the blog,

Very impressed with the great blog and useful tips for all of us Allan.
Still not seen my book yet, 8 days after my friend in USA received her copy!Scotland may be off the radar.

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