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Posted on: December 9, 2008

There has been an explosion of social networking sites on the internet. I will not be providing an exhaustive list- this can be done by googling the subject.

Best known at one time was ‘MySpace.’  You can link with a vast network of people through it, upload pictures and videos, and you can blog. It’s easy to join, and is a good way of getting your info out there if you haven’t got a website.


Recently, ‘MySpace’ seems to have been supplanted by ‘FaceBook.’ ‘FaceBook’ has more of a fun feel about it, and (correct me if I’m wrong,) probably attracts a younger membership. Again, you can get your details out there, and some authors are already setting up ‘groups’ around there books.


Others I have tried include ‘WAYN’ (Where Are You Now)  which is orientated around travel and locations, so may be of use to writers who have written works with a local interest.


I did sign up to BEBO,  but most of the contacts I get through that seem to be scantily clad girls wanting to be my friend.


If they agree to buy my novel I may consider it….

3 Responses to "Social networking"

What is your novel about and what sort of partnership do you expect from the SN sites?

‘Tasting the Wind’ is about how two people with profound/severe learnng disabilities witness the horrific death of one of their peers, and their struggle to communicate what they have seen. (My back cover blurb and first six chapters are on my website:
I’m not expecting enormous sales from Social Networking sites but:
1) I am in touch with friends and acquaintances on FaceBook who I don’t have any other form of contact with.
2) I am trying to use any aspect of the internet that I can access in order to create a greater web presence.
3) Social Networking is a modern way of using ‘word of mouth.’
On the word of mouth theme- I have been talking to colleagues over the past couple of weeks, and then been contacted by people I hadn’t spoken to, expressing interest. Hopefully mentioning it on social networks will have the same effect.
Hope this answers your question.

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