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Posted on: December 8, 2008

Well this is the eve of the day that the first batch of YouWriteOn authors will be told when their books are ready.

But already some have been filtering onto Amazon and Barnes and Noble over the weekend. You can see the first 115 on Barnes and Noble here:

 Amazon have 111- many with no covers yet, and saying ‘unavailable,’  but word is that it takes some time for all of the details to get onto Amazon.

We can, however, get some idea of pricing if we look at the following random sample from B&N:

 John Rigby’s ‘The Blackshirt’   is 216  pages at $10.99.

‘Battlestone ,’ by David Bradley is  360 pages at $11.99

‘Day in the Sun,’ Jamie Wright -132 pages costs $8.99

The Frog and the Scorpion Steevan Glover 388 pages is $11.99.

‘Tasting the Wind’ isn’t there yet, but at 364 pages I can now guess the price band. All that we need to know now is the author discounts.

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