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Posted on: December 3, 2008

There is such an air of expectancy- and a significant amount of anxiety- on the YouWriteOn website and message boards at the moment.

Is Publishing Your Book an Uphill Struggle?

Is Publishing Your Book an Uphill Struggle?



 Firstly, there was an announcement that writers will be being contacted next week (Between 9-12th December) with information about the publication of their books.

 Secondly, some books have already started to appear on Amazon- they cost £7.99, although I’m not sure what length they are. According to Ted Smith priority has been given to a number of writers who had managed to arrange book store signings. One has apparently also gained the attention of the national press.There is also a question of whether the books will be available from Amazon before Christmas.

 Thirdly, YouWriteOn is giving 10% of their profits to the ‘Sightsavers’ charity. (See: )

I have blogged before about authors associating their work with a charity:

  Not only does the charity benefit, but it also provides additional publicity, which provides more sales, which benefits the charity etc. etc. etc.



5 Responses to "Latest News (3)"

Which one has got national press attention Allan? Iam unable even to find them on

It would be clearer if YWO had said :

1. How many booksorders they have to be printed before 9th Dec

2. How many are getting early release

3. Had a newsletter or a thread giving all of us a weekly update of how many are in print with LG.

4. If we can order copies with YWO in advance etc.

Don’t know- Ted wrote on a message board at 13.34 yesterday, and just said they were prioritising one writer’s publication, as they’d got the interest of a national newspaper. I still don’t understand how people have got so many guaranteed orders before they know the price.

Lots of questions unanswered still.

Did 5000 people have books ready and take up the offer?

How many books are coming out between 9th- 12th December?

I have about 50 people keen on buying my book and I still have no idea how to get the best deal for it. If I order them myself then I’d lose the royalties. If YWO gives a discount then it may be worth buying it from their site.

Confusing and exciting times.Just hope it works out okay.

Is there any way of getting rabbit wee out of carpets!

Ha Ha! It had to happen- the first rabbit-based question! We had a really radical answer to the problem: laminate flooring. Before that I would spray hutch disinfectant and scrub, but I don’t think it ever completely got the stain out.
We never get anything on the floor now because they’re litter trained. Well there’s a litter in the corner of the hutch, in the living room we put newspaper in a corner and they always use that. That came from just observing where they went habitually and putting the paper there, then giving them a treat when they’d used it. Hope that is of some use.

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