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Book Marketing Tips From Published Authors (4)

Posted on: December 2, 2008


 Author RUTH ESTEVEZ                     

“My novel, Meeting Coty was turned down by the big publishers, mainly
because it was too short (65,000 words approx). 80,000 is the magic
number! A new, small publisher who wanted to support the books they
felt strongly about, took it on. They put great effort into the look
of it, but unfortunately, small presses don’t have the money or clout
to put into marketing. Factual or local interest books seem to fare
better than fiction with small presses as they are angled to specific
Print on demand means that bookshops can’t financially afford to stock
copies on their shelves which means that the casual buyer won’t buy
your book as they can’t physically see it. Also, though available to
order, it often comes out as more expensive as a small publisher will
charge postage which bookshops often have to pass on to the customer
in order to make any profit.
The publishing you are discussing on this blog will find it just as
hard, maybe even harder to get into bookshops, so it’s up to the
writer to use any means available to publicise their book. Sites such
as University Alumni, local newspapers, radio stations, festivals and
bookshops are usually helpful. If your book has an IBSN, I would
suggest registering it with the Public Lending Right (
so that it can be ordered through the library system. Friends in the
right places are always useful too! Good luck to every new writer out


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