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Posted on: November 30, 2008


This is me with authors Lynn Grocott and Dominic Took at ‘Meeting of Minds.’

So you’re trying to promote your book? Make some bookmarks!

All you need is a computer, Printer, coloured ink cartridge, and some photographic paper.

I got a pack of value paper- it goes through my printer more easily.

It’s handy if, at this point, you’ve got a book cover- if not, design one or put something on the shiny side of your paper that represents your book. You will need a program which lets you manipulate photos- I use Ulead PhotoImpact.

Put five copies of your cover/ picture with your book title on one A-4 sheet, and cut them out. (Alternatively you could pay a printer to do it.)

On the back, put the link to your publisher, Amazon, your website, or anywhere else where your book can be found.

Carry your bookmarks with you. If you get speaking appointments, radio interviews,etc., you can give these out if you don’t have any/enough books to hand, and anyone who is interested can track you down… or at least they have got a free bookmark.

I spoke recently at ‘A Meeting of MInds,’ a writers’ forum at Staffordshire university. I left a bookmark on every seat, and noticed the next day that the hits on my YouTube site had risen considerably.

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1 Response to "Bookmarks"


Great idea!

Many authors get lost in doing
those things that they can do
and control.

As a published author you’re
now a entrepreneur who has
be in the mindset to “Always
Be Marketing”.

Whatever it is… let them know
about you, your book, and
how to find you.

Continue to make it happen!

Won’t Be Denied,
C.F. Jackson

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