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Hot off the Press…

Posted on: November 21, 2008

Just a quickie to update on my marketing campaign.

I emailed the local newspaper during my lunchbreak. I had hardly pressed ‘send’ when my phone rang. It was a very interested editor. He’s asked me to send in a press release with photos. The fact that I was supporting a local charity seemed to go down well. He said it would be even better if I had gone to a local school where I struggled with dyslexia… I have done neither of those, but it does give an idea of the sort of thing that is considered newsworthy.

4 Responses to "Hot off the Press…"

Fantastic, well done Allan. As I have not heard a thing from YWO I am getting a bit worried.Maybe things are on track.

Did they give you a date? Did you ask them about any other things like bulk buying copies and getting a discount?

The websites set by Steven, Lucy and Dogeared of the YWO writers is very impressive as a technophobe I wonder how sales will be for writers like me who may not be able to get a website with links etc set up?

Well done mate. Good for you. I’ve been thinking about the idea of adopting a local charity (Dogs for the Disablled) but I’m concerend they might be a little wary of tieing in with a book about a murder… Grusome stuff…

BTW – been a lot of traffic on YWO vs Lulu on other sites, this thread makes interesting reading!

Hi Glascot,
sorry I’ve not got back to you sooner, but I was sounding out my marketing manager (don’t ask) to see if he could help you out with your website. Unfortunately he has too much on at the moment. Try asking around friends who may know more about such things than you do. I understand that websites are quite easy to set up, but although I wouldn’t describe myself as technophobic I do have a blankspot with this one, and am lucky that someone with experience is doing ot for me. I am using homestead- might be worth looking at their site.
Haven’t got a date. Lucy saw somewhere 9th of December, but I don’t know where. Presumably dates will vary depending on submission,
Haven’t seen anything about bulkbuying, and didn’t ask as my correspondence with YWO has been brief. Ted has said that the response has been good and that this should be reflected in author discounts.
And yes, a website can be a great boon, but it’s not the only way. Look out for tips on this site, on How Publishing really works, and some YWO threads.
Good luck with your work,

Thanks Allan for asking your marketing manager (sounds dead impressive) to do the website for me.I have done a wee bit of scrounging, begging and got a friend who’ll help me with it in the new year so I’ll get there.

Re date, discount etc I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Your blog is most informative, keep up the good work.

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