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A ‘win-win’ Marketing Tip

Posted on: November 18, 2008


Earlier this year I phoned the fundraising department of a local children’s hospice, ‘Derian House,’ and told them that I was an author seeking a publisher, and once my book was published I would like to give them a proportion of my royalties. They were very interested, and asked me to call back when I was about to be published.

So today I phoned back.

Now I’m not doing this because I’m particularly nice… OK, I am nice, and would like to think that I had contributed something to the kids at Derian… but linking up with a charity can be mutually beneficial for both the charity and the author.

If you are being published by anything but a major press, then you need exposure from as many angles as you can find. Do you support a charity? Has something touched your life which would naturally lead you to one?

All you need to do is phone their fundraising department and offer a proportion of the earnngs from your book. Don’t think of this as being in any way cynical- the charity will gain funds, and you will increase circulation at the same time as having on side someone whose job it is to market and promote a cause. The charity may even have a shop where you could sell copies. Explain to the fundraiser that you are publishing through a small press, and that sales depend solely upon the marketing that you -hopefully with their help- can achieve.

As a result of my phone call there will be an  article about me and ‘Tasting the Wind’ in the next Dderianhouse_logoerian House  magazine. They will also be contacting a local newspaper.

So- more funds for the charity, free advertising, increased exposure and a slice of ‘feel good’ factor for you (not to mention that it makes you that little bit more interesting to the newspapers.)

It’s a win-win situation…

and you won’t come across many of those!

3 Responses to "A ‘win-win’ Marketing Tip"

Hi Allan, this is a great idea and one which I am seriously considering. I’d like to chat to you about this but I can’t find your email address anywhere. Please drop me an email if you can so I can write to you by way of a reply.

Many thanks,

Huw (

(ps: no need to post this comment, it was just a way to get in touch!)

Hi Alan,

I did this with my first book of poems. I donated the entire proceeds to charity, even bore the cost of printing myself.

I did not think of this angle for the book as we are all still in the dark about price, how many we can order ourselves and all other related issues.Good to see that you are contacting people already. I am waiting to see the final product, price, and the ways to order, get all my facts before I contact any local shops, media etc.

I’m with you on that. I was happy to contact the charity because their next magazine isn’t out until March, but I won’t be doing papers or anything like that yet. I would like to know more about the people who Ted says have up to 200 pre-orders. How have they done that before anyone knows the price?

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