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Posted on: November 15, 2008

 Earlier this year David Hyner  suggested that I record excerpts of ‘Tasting the Wind’ and upload them onto YouTube. The idea was that by putting on two or three chapters it would create some interest and awareness of my, at that time, unpublished novel. Now that the novel will soon be available, my YouTube channel can be a marketing platform.

 You don’t need, as I first thought, a complicated camcorder, to add videos to YouTube. I used a Skype set, (a webcam and microphone) which I bought from Argos for about £20.

The software which comes with the Skype set allows you either to show yourself reading or a still- which in my case is my book cover:

Click on the cover to go to my YouTube channel

Click on the cover to go to my YouTube channel


All you have to do now is to get a YouTube account, which is free, and upload your video- or in this case talking book.

For a fuller account of how I put excerpts from ‘Tasting the Wind’ onto YouTube, see my earlier post

It has been said that if you put anything onto YouTube it will get 100 views in a short time through passing traffic. There are other ways of increasing your views. For instance, let Google know it’s there by adding your URL here: (for those of you who are new to this, as I was at the beginning of this year, your URL is the address in the box at the top of your page which begins http://.) You can also copy your YouTube URL onto your blog, social networking site or website, or send it in emails.

Another way to spread the word is through ‘Stumbleupon.’ Just download the ‘Stumbleupon’ toolbar  and add your YouTube channel. People looking for that sort of thing will find it at random and, who knows, some may like it and even buy the book.


I have had a decent number of hits and some very nice comments.  You will, of course, need to put a link to where the book can be bought, and hopefully some of those comments will turn to sales.

To see, and hear, what it’s all about, go to:

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