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5000 hits?

Posted on: November 3, 2008

I have been submitting comments to ‘Absolute Write’ about the reason why I and other writers are publishing through YouWriteOn. The debate can be followed here:

Thanks to ‘Momento Mori’ who drew my attention to a forum on AW about POD and self-publishing, which may be useful to readers of this blog who wish to know about marketing.

I would be interested to hear from anyone else out there about the reasons why you chose POD, self-publishing, or the YouWriteOn route, and your experiences of marketing. I know that there is a lot of interest in the blogosphere, as even my humble blog got 54 hits in one day last week. I’m still hoping for 5000!

Well, I can dream. Peace and Love,


2 Responses to "5000 hits?"

It does seem as though the world and his wife are now against the YWO deal. Some of the arguments make sense, some of them smack of “people with too much time on their hands”… I have the image of radio 4 being boring and so a number of “Disgusted from Surrey” start writing in…

There has been some anger too, I think mainly the result of the anti-YWO’s being frustrated that some people will still want to be involved and from the Pro-YWO’s who want to be treated as adults making adult decisions.

Here’s the point. No one wants to see someone else ripped off, this is human nature, but at the same time, no one likes to feel bullied for making a specific decision or told they are stupid for doing so.

Yes there are disadvantgous for publishing this way, but there was also this wonderfull carrot and stick approach that forced writers to focus their minds and get the book published.

Perhaps we have all made a huge mistake. If so, then we will have lost 39.99 at most and really it will not be that tragic. And it will be our own mistake, made willingly.

I hope now the Anti-YWO’s will leave us all alone and go find another battle to fight. Preferably one worth fighting and one that is any of their business!

I would be interested to know what the game plan of the antis is right now. The publishers are iin recession like everyone else. So what if the experiment fails? Is it better to sit at home and wait for replies from agents and publishers whose doors are shutting? We are not engaged in dangerous or harmful activity so what motivates the negativity of the destructive element?

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