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A Medical Interlude

Posted on: October 20, 2008


I seem to have got to that age where medical issues have become a normal topic of conversation, so…

Interesting Medical Fact Number 1: I’ve just had a mole removed from my back. No, not a fluffy little creature (I just like the picture, and thought you’d rather see it than a skin blemish.) It changed colour and shape when I was on holiday, so I went to see the Doc, who said it had to come off.

The procedure was painless. And afterwards the Doctor gave me the scissors and other implements he had used. Apparently sterilisation is no longer good enough because of superbugs, so they would only throw them away. It occurs to me that I could commit the perfect crime- all of the clues would point to someone who has access to surgical instruments. And now I’ve told you, I’ll have to kill you… and eat your wife.

Interesting Medical Fact Number 2: My Dad has just had his second knee replacement. The first was done in a BUPA hospital, the second in an NHS hospital. The procedure, the staff, the food and the aftercare were all far superior from the latter.

interesting Medical Fact Number 3: Seasonal Affective Disorder has kicked in earlier and affected more people this year because the British Summer was duller and grottier than ever. I know, because I get it. I like to keep my blogs lighthearted, so if you want to read more on this subject check out my ezine article at:—A-Personal-Perspective&id=1511457

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